Need Michelle16's help

romy718January 31, 2013

I'm a lurker, for about 2 years, planning my kitchen renovation. Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas I've gotten from you all. You don't know me but I know many of you and your beautiful kitchens. I need help with the size of my kitchen island corner posts. Michelle, how wide are your corner posts? My island design is very similar yours.

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I too love the legs on Michelle16's island so I'm interested in this info too. Please post your island if you have a picture or diagram. I'd love to see it!

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Hi guys, sorry I missed this, thanks bee for bumping.The island is 6 feet total. The cabinetry is 5 feet, each post is 6"- hope this helps, Michelle

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Michelle, thanks so much, especially for the peace of mind. My cabinet order went in 3 days ago and I am driving myself and my KD crazy with last minute changes. My island is 91"x 45" and my posts were 6" until I changed them to 7" yesterday.
Bee, thanks for the bump. Your kitchen is one of my "inspiration kitchens."
If I lived in your area, you'd be my KD (and I'd be getting DutchWood cabinets). I was planning on marble until I read your "Saran Wrap" post. I decided I couldn't handle the etching until you came up with the plexiglass idea. I'll be starting my stone hunt in the next few days, hoping to find Imperial Danby similar to 2Littlefishies. My plexiglass will be on for the holiday family gatherings. We are empty nesters and my current 20 y/o formica is in pristine condition.
Lexmomof3, it may take me all weekend to figure out how to post a picture, but I will. I based my design on Michelle16's island and the island Christopher Peacock has in his home.
Because of GW, all my base cabinets are drawers except for the corner lazy susan. That was another last minute change, two base cabinets became deep drawers based on GW pictures. Thanks!

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Romy- I too based my island from Christopher Peacock's! funny. Good luck with it all, let me know if I can help. The quartzite does not etch or stain if you are looking for something that looks like marble and will be as hardy as your good ol' formica!LOL! Michelle

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Michelle16, Which Quartzite did you use on your island as it is the prettiest I ever saw! I also love the white paint color you used on your gorgeous inset cabinets! Please do share!

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