Water under washing machine

topperdudeJune 7, 2013

Last Friday and today, I noticed some water in the laundry room. There doesnt seem to be any leaks in any pipes connected to the clothes washer or the sink next to the washer in the laundry room.

Moreover we do NOT see any water during or after we do our weekly round of laundry (usually around 5-6 loads) during the weekends.

What I did notice was that the water softener was also going through its weekly regenerating cycle. I confirmed this was the case today and am almost certain I had heard the water softener running last Friday as well when we woke up around 6am. At that time when I saw the water pooled by the washing machine in the laundry room, I assumed it might have been from the wet umbrella I had kept there for drying on Thursday night and simply wiped off the water with a paper towel and we did our usual 5-6 loads of laundry over the weekend without any issues.

This morning I could hear the softener running in the basement as I came downstairs to the first floor and then when I went to the laundry room saw the water around the washing machine (no laundry was done between last Sunday and today morning). After wiping up the water, I quickly inspected the various pipes connected to the washing machine and they looked fine, not wet or leaking. So I went to basement and the water softener was going through the (backwash?) phase where it drains all the water from the brine tank and mineral tank and into the drain. Roughly an hour later, the softener was done with the regenarating cycle.

If it helps, I should also mention that our basement is unfinished and while looking at the softener, I looked up towards the ceiling and did not notice any issues with any of the pipes leading up and to the laundry room area (or even the pipes leading to the half-bath next to the laundry area).

Am trying to figure out what could be causing the water to pool/leak in the laundry room? Could it be somehow related to the softener running?

Thank you for any input!

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Just talked to my wife. She had run one load through the washer and indicated there was a small pool of water at the bottom of the washer. So perhaps there may not be a connection to the softener after all. Would appreciate any input on where I can start and what kinds of things to look for to help isolate the problem.

Thank you,

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Some more info... The washer is a Bosch 500 series... I noticed water dripping very slowly and only at the end during the spin cycle... And it seems to be near the front of the washer at present...


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I don't have a Bosch, I have an LG front loader but have had pooling water a few times. One of the times was due to a small cut/tear in the large rubber seal around the door opening. Something in our clothes must have cut it, but the tear was so small I hadn't noticed it. Turns, out, any water that goes through the tear goes straight to the floor.

The other times I've had leaks are because the filter and/or the narrow hose that leads to the filter have been clogged up. On the LG there's a small door on the front of the machine at the bottom left and it has a plastic filter that screws into the machine. If something gets stuck in there then water can't drain properly. There's also a little hose that leads to the filter and ours has gotten clogged several times. We live at the beach and despite my best efforts apparently A LOT of sand gets into our washing machine. The sand then gets hardpacked into that narrow hose and prevents water from draining properly, so it drains to the floor. I now do preventative cleanings of that hose and the filter (both super easy to do) to avoid leaks.

I don't know if any of the above is relevant to your Bosch, but I hope it helps.

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