lint and dog hair

amullerJune 10, 2010

(I apologize if this question has been answered; the search feature doesn't seem to be working....)

Years ago we had a GE toploader--very robust machine, if not energy efficient--that ran a pump during the wash cycle, dumping water into a screened tray on top of the agitator, collecting debris. Guess I took this feature for granted.

Now, we have a household with dogs and dog hair. Are there any washers around that collect hair and lint from the washwater?

Thanks for any info.

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Ah, you are talking abut the GE Filter Flow machines. Those were the best for hair/lint removal ever.

Unfortunately, there is nothing on the market today like that. Sometimes you can find them used in good condition.

With the move to front loading machines, the dryer has taken on the task of pet hair/lint removal. And then you have to clean all the pet hair out of the front loaders drum before continuing on with your next load.

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Both of my fls collect our lab's hair (which is corse and short)in the booth. Well , some of it. The rest is caught in dryer's screen.
I don't have hair left in the drum and barely any in bottom filters, so not much goes through the pump and in my drain.

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I have 5 cats, 2 dogs and 3 rescue kittens. Hair is a huge problem here. I always have sticky rollers and re-fills, and have even offered to roll down company when they leave!!! It is a big bother, but after getting my F/L that does not have the place to clean out in the front like others do, i have a red pet hair mitt and also a shed brush that i use on my dogs. Anything with pet hair on it gets rubbed down with the mitt before going into washer. For pet beds and heavy covered hair things i use the shed brush to get as much hair off as i can. I even use the red mitt on our clothes if they need it before putting in washer. That way i don't worry too awful much about the washer, but it still makes me cringe. Gosh, the things we do for pets!!

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