Kitchen remodel- windows installed last !?

sunshine626January 15, 2014

I am knee deep in the process of my remodel and was just notified that my windows with a drywall return won't be -delivered- until after the cabinets are installed. (3 weeks from today, yikes) We are down to studs and I am freaking a little bit. We can make this work, right? I need some ideas :)

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I'll just tell you my story and let you decide whether you need to worry. We bought our cabinets and tile before a 7 ft wide window was installed over our sink in our yet to be finished totally remodeled kitchen. Space previously had no window.

Well, the cabinet finish/color/tone clashes with the floor to the extent that I can't live with it though I have tried to dismiss the difference.

I feel fairly sure the clash is largely due to the new window (of which there is a very large amount - west side where house gets most). I am now trying to set up the replacement of the cabinet doors/panels to something that won't clash. Luckily they are Ikea and also luckily, my kitchen will be two-toned, uppers are all white so I don't have to touch them in this replacement project.

My advice - make sure you are prepared for differences in lighting. In talking with others about this, this is not an uncommon mistake for designers (maybe inexperienced) to make. Good luck.
More info on my clash problem here

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People replace their windows in completed kitchens all the time, how is this different?

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Hopefully OP noticed that I mentioned in our case, no window had been there before.

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Thank you all- I'm a first timer at the remodel process and we were tying to do things in "order". Hahaha!!
Hoped to install windows, drywall, texture and paint before the cabinets went in.
My window guy forgot to place our order on time and our cabinet guy has a tight schedule.
I realize now it is all going to be ok, just a hiccup in the process!

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