Method Laundry Detergent- I don't smell anything!

busta25June 21, 2010

Hi all!

I usually use Gain HE detergent, but with the $2 coupon, combined with a sale at my grocery store ($5.49!), I decided to try Method. I bought both the fresh air scent and peony blossom scent. The one comment I read over and over about method is how great it smells and cleans, so I was excited to try it.

I like how it dispenses, and I like that it's eco friendly. I twisted off the caps of both scents, and I liked the way they smelled. The first time I used it, I washed some jeans that got muddy, and it cleaned very well.

My problem with it is I don't smell anything on my clothes with either scent. They just smell... wet. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? I though it might be the fabric softener, but right now, I'm using seventh generation free and clear, so I'm really at a loss.

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If you are used to the strong smell of Gain then the Method may be too subtle for you. Method is a natural product, not full of nasty chemical stinky stuff. I use the Free and Clear because I don't want any smell at all, but I suspect the smell remaining on the clothes from the other scents is faint, as you might expect a natural scent to be. I like my wet clothes to smell - well, wet - but what I really care about is that they are clean and I don't need to mess around with multiple soaps and additives. For me, the Method does the trick.

Good luck with your laundry :)

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I never though of that before, but it makes perfect sense. I certainly can't argue against method's cleaning power, either.


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ThatÂs so funny! I find the scent heavy so use half the unscented mixed with half the scented. I was using eco brands that had next to no scent so this was a step up in fragrance for me. I like my laundry to have a little fragrance but certainly not bowl anyone over. You can smell those people who use Bounce sheets from across a room. Many of the conventional fragrances can potentially be filled with unpleasant things like phthalates.

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