problems with thermostat

efamily71October 27, 2011

Dear members, i just recently replaced an old thermostat with the dial kind with a new honeywell model it worked fine with the air cond. but now tht its winter when we turn on the heater after it has reached the approximate temp. the blower fan keeps running.I have tried replacing batt. on honeywell unit and keep messin with the temp but even with control in off position . the fan stays on. any suggestions honeywell model is rth2300b1012.or tht could be serial #

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ok actual model number of honeywell model is rthl 2510c it is a 7 day programmable model..

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do you have gas heat ? heat pump? more info needed.

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Ok members found out problem regarding thermostat...when the batteries are going out on a electronic thermostat like the honeywell model i purchased. wen u take it off wall to replace batteries. i had to leave unit off wall overnite almost like it had to reset. because when i finally put it back on wall it started to work just fine............SO FYI make sure unit is turned off before removing to replace batteries......otherwise the unit goes haywire..................

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well I am not sure what your problem was but that wasn't it. I replace batteries in thermostats usually a couple times a day in customers houses. problem will most likely surface again.

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