Seventh Generation Powder Detergent

gardenspudsJune 2, 2010

I have been using Seventh Generation liquid detergent but recently saw the Consumer Reports from last year which ranked the Seventh Generation powder higher than the liquid. Thought I'd give it a try.

I have a couple of questions on amount to use. When I use the liquid detergent, I use the recommended amount for HE- 2 Tbsp (I measured up to the fill line in the cap). I always thought this was a good amount, there would be only a few suds, my clothes seemed clean, and even without softener, while the clothes weren't super soft, they were softer than when I've washed with Tide HE Free and Clear (I used the recommended amount of liquid tide, don't remember how much, but it seemed more than the Seventh Generation liquid)

The powder version recommends 1/3 cup, or as measured in the provided scoop, 5 Tbsp. This to me seems like too much, although I've never used powder in my FL HE machine before, so have nothing to compare this amount to.

I ran two loads yesterday- one a load of 5 beach towels (ran on cotton/ warm), which filled the drum about 3/4 when loosely packed in. Also ran a load of clothing (ran on perm. press/ warm, that filled the drum about 1/2 way. I used 3 Tbsp in each load.

The washes had almost no suds in them, I even opened the door of the first one to check if there seemed to be enough detergent- sure enough, the water felt slippery. I always run an extra rinse.

After drying, both loads seemed a little less soft than when I use the Seventh Generation liquid.

First, does 3 Tbsp seem like enough, too little, or too much for a 1/2 to 3/4 filled drum? (I found on the internet that my Bosch Nexxt Premium has a DOE 3.03 cu. ft, or IEC 3.7 cu ft drum). I usually have "light" to "medium" soiled clothing.

If you use the Seventh Generation powder, have you found that you need to also use a liquid fabric softener? I never use liquid softener, but occasionally use dryer sheets (mostly for static, like if a fleece item is in the load). Does anyone like the Seventh Generation liquid fabric softener?

My Bosch Nexxt machine has written on the detergent drawer cover "2/3 cup liquid or powder HE detergent for medium load, OR 1/3 cup "regular" liquid or powder detergent". That really seems like overkill! Also, really non-specific!



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I've used the Seventh Generation fabric softener and it works well. When I want to give my laundered items a nice lavender smell, I throw in some of the fabric softener. When it comes to the detergent, 2/3 cup sound ludicrously high for a 3.7 cuft front loader. Run a load of whites at various dosages and see which gives you the best balance of cleaning vs. softness. 1/3 cup is approx. 5 tablespoons, so I might start with 2-3 TBS and see if I'm happy with the performance.

If you have soft water, you can definitely use less than the recommended dose.

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