Quick Qs to dadoes - IWL16 leak

dudleyfuddpuckerJune 9, 2014


Well, after 8 trouble-free years my F&P IWL16 developed its first problem: after washes a small puddle started showing from underneath the front edge of the washer.

Tipping the washer back it appears it's a very slow drip coming from the pump rotor, just above the motor. The motor seems A-OK so far, but with water dripping onto the top of it and over this concerns me a bit.

I assume there are no replaceable parts within said rotor, and it's a "pull and replace the whole thing" kind of repair, right? And since the motor was getting water on it would you normally go ahead and do it too, or should I wait till it fails (assuming it will)?

Lastly, a cursory search found the best prices at appliances.net (here is the part I believe I need: http://www.genuineapplianceparts.net/product/525884P/525884P-Motor-Rotor/). Are you aware of any place with lower/better prices?

Many thanks in advance.


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Ooops, sorry, added the wrong link. That's a Dish Drawer part.

This was the one I think I need (http://www.genuineapplianceparts.net/product/420325P/Fisher-Paykel-420325P-Water-Pump/), which of course negates my second question. It seems the pump and rotor are one part, so replacing one requires replacing the other.

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DO NOT (and yes, I'm yelling, LOL) continue to use the machine with a leaking pump, that's a good way to blow the motor controller board.

The replacement pump will include a retrofit fuse (assuming your IWL16 doesn't already have a fuse on the pump circuit), which is spliced into one of the pump wires inside the control panel, to help protect the controller board from zapping. Following the included instructions as to which wire for the splicing.

Yes, the pump is a one-piece unit.

My first flash of thought when you mentioned rotor was to the SmartDrive motor that drives the agitator and basket for spinning. Water dripping from the rotor there indicates a bad bearing/seal on the tub/drive shaft.

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OK, thanks. Found a place that had it a little cheaper ($132.67 shipped) so I already placed the order.

The replacement itself seems pretty straightforward. Anything in particular to look out for?

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The mounting plate does not need to be removed.

Disconnect the wires from the pump. Locate the plastic thumb latch, hold it released and rotate the entire pump counterclockwise to detach it from the plate (bayonet mount).

Lubricate the seal around the new pump impeller with a bit of liquid detergent to facilitate rotating it into position.

Prices have gone way up. Those pumps were $60-ish a few years ago.

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Hmm, don't think I own any liquid detergent! I'll find something close that'll work.

I did manage to find a site that had it a little cheaper - $95 ($103 shipped), so cancelled order #1 and re-ordered.

Still, 50% higher than what you said from just a few years ago...

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Dishwashing (not dishwasher) liquid (Dawn, Palmolive, etc.)? Hand soap, shower/body wash?

There may be some water spill out from the tub sump when the pump is removed. Have a towel handy and of course be sure to unplug the machine.

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Dawn I do have.

Thanks again!

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Well, the news is not good.

The new pump arrived. Taking the old one out and putting the new one in was uneventful. It worked right off, but was still dripping water all over the floor. I figured maybe my diagnosis was wrong, so I looked at it best I can with a flashlight and the machine tipped back and it still looks like it's dripping from the same place.

Maybe I did not install it well, so I took the pump back off, thoroughly cleaned the two mating surfaces and applied a very light coating of grease (only where they touch), re-installed and exact same thing.

Does the mounting plate/housing have a gasket that could be deteriorated and leaking? Since I am unable to observe while the machine is running I cannot tell exactly the point where the leak is, so I don't know if trying to get a better seal between the pump and plastic mounting area will help, or if it's somewhere else around that plate.

All I can say for sure is that it does not look like it's coming from any hoses or hose connection points. When I tip the machine back the dripping is always down over the pump motor, so it's from just above the pump itself. Either I still have a bad seal with the installed pump or something in the metal plate/housing is leaking.

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There are no seals involved with the plate. It provides the bayonet mount, the only seal is at the tub outlet on the face of the pump around the impeller.

Check all your hoses and the diverter.

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Diverter is dry. When I look I tip the machine back, so the diverter is physically lower than pump motor (meaning the water cannot be dripping from diverter down to the pump and throwing me off the trail).

It might help if I can figure a way to raise the whole thing up 18" or so then stick my head under there while it's running. I can probably really pinpoint it that way...

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Stacks of bricks or 2"x4"s at the four corners. :-)

This post was edited by dadoes on Fri, Jun 13, 14 at 12:51

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Well, I did figure out a way to lift the whole machine enough that I could stick a work light and mirror under there to actually watch it, and it turns out I was off a little (not WAY off) on the leak. It was never from the pump itself, but rather the connection between the pump outlet and the 6" rubber hose that goes between the pump and the diverter valve (the spring clamp was present).

I took the hose off and cleaned and inspected it and it looks fine. No cracks, frays or anything. Put it back, made sure the spring clamp was tight and in place, and as soon as the pump starts water is leaking out of the top point again.

I finally just came up with the idea of a hose clamp, which I snugged down pretty good, and no more leaks. Ran five washes so far and not a drop.

Lesson I learned is you have to watch it in action to really see the problem. Trying to diagnose after the fact by following the water trail gets you close, but not close enough to start spending money on new parts.

I already queried about returning the pump, but I suspect they'll want a restocking fee and I'll have to pay shipping. If that's the case I may keep it since the old pump didn't look too great when I pulled it off.

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Yes, keeping the pump is a good idea. Did you add the fuse?

Leak diagnosis is visual for sure!

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Not yet on the fuse. Time was [very] short this past weekend with Father's Day (the family had plans for me on both days), and laundry was building up as well, so I was primarily focused on getting it running.

Once we catch up on laundry (by this weekend) I'll probably solder and shrink wrap the fuse in line correctly. I'm not a big fan of screw-on connectors. :)

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