Bosch washer 2060, 20060?

dab07June 9, 2012

We've got a 10 year old Bosch 2060, which has had a couple of repairs through the years, as has the dryer. So I'm not thrilled with the idea of buying a new Bosch, but the washer isn't working and probably needs a new motor. Space considerations mean we need a compact FL, preferably one that will stack with our Bosch dryer. It seems from what I've read that the ASKOs and Mieles are mechanically sound. I'd rather not spend that much, though I'd consider an ASKO if I felt it was clearly more reliable than our Bosch has been.

Of course, no appliance is guaranteed to be reliable. So what I'm wondering is, how have your experiences been with Bosch washers, particularly the 2060 or 20060? Did I just get lemons, or was our experience typical of Bosch washers/dryers, or typical of all compact FLs? If that's the case I'm inclined to go with another Bosch, since it's least expensive, and I know it'll stack with the dryer. If breakdowns and repairs are less common with ASKO or Miele, they might be cheaper, or at least less of a headache, in the long run.

We have a low end Miele DW and vacuum, and have never had any problems with them. But I've heard some negatives about Miele appliances too, and I'd hate to spend $1700 or so just to run into repairs there too.

Thanks for any input.

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I have a similar washer (WFL2060) and love, love, love it. I bought one for my condo and used it for 2 years with absolutely no issues. I loved it so much I bought another one when I moved into my house. Absolutely no issues, as long as it's leveled properly. And I like that there are minimal electronics to get ruined.

For any more than 2 persons, you'll be doing a lot of small loads. But I do 2 loads per week (solo) and coupled with Persil detergent, it's a fabulous cleaning machine. Totally worth it.

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