How do I remove perfume smells from sheet and from duffle bag

peabody1June 25, 2011

Have asthma. Almost all fragrance bothers me. Accident happened in husbands overnight bag and toiletry bag. Got free things that contained fragrance and something spilled. I tried wiping inside of bags with rubbing alcohol, also placing in the sun for a day, also placed a dish of baking soda in bag. This has irritating fragrance. Suggestions?

Also, people came to house who have extremely smelly perfume or deodorant. Smell lingered in a sheet. Tried washing it with my regular fragrance-free laundry detergent and fragrance-free fabric softener, tried soaking in vinegar, tried adding baking soda to the wash, after 3 or 4 washes still smells. Suggestions to remove fragrance? Please remember I can't use any products that have an added perfumy smell.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Sheets: Hang them outside in the sun for a few days.

Your husbands things may have perfume soaked into the lining. Buy new ones if it's that bad.

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I think Vaska has a fragrance free detergent that should remove the odors. It works for me and my smelly yard clothes. Plus when your clothes are dried after using Vaska, they just smell clean like fabric with no fragrances at all.

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