Bosch Nexxt 300 dispenser question

beanwabrJune 8, 2010

I've had my washer for 2 years now, no concerns until now. On occasion, when I fill the dispenser with fabric softener/vinegar before starting the washer, instead of it remaining in there until the right time, it will just go on down; yesterday this happened in the bleach compartment. I thought at first maybe I was adding it in too quickly, but this is not always the case, as sometimes I can pour it in slowly and it still disappears. Any idea what is going on? Is there any harm with these things getting added in before they should be? It just seems to happen randomly. Thanks.

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I don't have your model, I have a Nexxt Premium which is older than your model. Have you ever taken the dispener out to clean? I haven't had your problem, but when I take the dispenser out to clean, I make sure that it is snapped firmly back down into place before using again. You might want to take it out if you never have and see if it is ajar. Mine sometimes stays partially filled with water after dispensing, so I've started taking it out after I'm done with laundry for the day. Figure it can't hurt.

Bleach will inactivate some detergents if the detergent has enzymes present. Fabric softener will be washed away by the detergent and rendered useless if emptied out at the wrong time- that's why it releases in the rinse cycle.


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