New Samsung FL W&D - Bedding W&D Issue

daltexJune 23, 2009

We are less than 30 days into our new W&D, but we are frustrated to discover whenever we wash and dry our sheets (ie, king size bed) they end up rolling into one big ball. The washer is less of an issue, but the dryer "ball" keeps them from totally drying. We end up having to pull the dry portions out and then continue the dry.

We don't wash/dry them with anything else, so I am not sure what to change. Is this a common issue, or are we just "lucky"? If common, then any suggestions people could offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

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It is recommended that you mix a load, sheets with clothing items, etc.

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When you transfer them from the washer to the dryer, do you separate them so that they are not balled up?

I've always done this, when I had a conventional washer/dryer, and continue to do so now that I have an HE TL (Maytag Bravos) washer/dryer.

I have no problems with sheets tangling in the washer or not drying in the dryer. HTH

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We do separate the items coming out of the washer and ensure their is nothing tangled together as it goes into the dryer, which would otherwise be compounded by the drying cycle ...

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IMO, If you put the Fitted sheet with sheets in the dryer it will roll up in a ball. You need to dry that piece by itself so it won't roll into a ball.

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I have absolutely no trouble drying a fitted sheet and flat sheet together, with several pillow cases and perhaps a few other small items. My dryer is a Fisher & Paykel toploader with reverse tumble. I have a spare dryer in my garage, a traditional frontload Whirlpool of their 27" design (which makes it very deep front-to-back). Last time I dried sheets in it, they did ball-up pretty bad.

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Had the same issue, among others with the Samsung washer and dryer. And as you noticed, others have suggested 1 item at a time, or mix with other items. I tried all and the dryer always rolled everything into a ball leaving the center wet.

I am not sure about anyone else but laundry isn't something I want to spend a lot of time with!! Drying 1 item at a time is nuts. I NEVER had to mix items, dry 1 item at a time nor did I have to keep taking items out of the dryer, un-wad them and restart like I did with the Samsung.

I finally exchanged them, after a lot of hassle with Sears, and got the Electrolux Wavetouch. Couldn't be happier. I push start on the washer -the clothes are washed, I push start on the dryer -the clothes are dry. No new rules, no extra time. Isn't that the way it is supposed to work?

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I'm getting very frustrated with my year old Samsung. My sheets also ball up BUT I have tried doing one sheet at a time and it still happens. I've tried both plus the pillow casws and it still happens. Happens with my duvet cover too, it is in the washer right now. I hang stuff out in the summer so I guess that is why I have forgotten about it. WHAT can I do????????!!!!!!!!!!!

It also happens when I have just one item in - like a sweatr shirt.

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Every dryer I have ever owned, including my current HE3t dryer balls sheets up. Im not one of the lucky ones that has a self reversing dryer :( Now I just cut the cycle time in half, unraval them, and put them back in for the second half of the cycle, no big deal to me

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It happens within a minute or so. I almost have to stand by the washer and open it every minute.

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My 1992 Whirlpool dryer never balls up sheets. You have a defective design and the best solution is to demand an exchange. I wish I could exchange my Samsung 337 also bought at Sears a couple years ago. It seemed like a modern wonder at the time and we got rid of our old Maytag TL to get it. Big mistake. I haven't figured out how to re-engineer the internal computer that rations water so I always must run a second wash without soap to have a chance to get the soap out, even when I use just the minimum amount of detergent. I have mentioned this before, but when using the added rinse cycle with hot wash the clothes come out of the spin dry cycle HOT. Not enough water to even cool them off, let alone rinse them. I can't prove this is abnormal, so not willing to risk a call for service.

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You might try "stretching" each sheet in the dryer. I.E. I take my duvet & lay it lengthwise in the dryer in the back where the ends kind of go up along the drum curve; it isn't a stretch of the queen duvet as it was about mostly doubled. Did the same with the queen fitted sheet along the front. Then tossed in the 2 pillow cases.

It worked quite well the 1st time without balling; BUT subsequently, the duvet still balled into the fitted sheet. This is in the Affinity 7.0 cf dryer.

There is still balling but the fitted sheet & duvet are dry; there is an occasional time where I think the duvet isn't completely dry but the part doesn't feel wet but it is colder.

Not an absolute solution but I'm happy with the results as it is better than when I just toss in the duvet & sheet. I just think that a fitted sheet billows out to cover more "territory" inside the drum, like a parachute opening up.

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When you take sheets out of the washer, shake them, then fold them into squares like you were folding them to be put away. Put the folded sheets in the dryer and run through cycle. See if this helps with your problem..

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My Asko dryer used to do this. I faulted it's "butterfly" dryer design. The dryer paddles alternated - one row was toward the back of the dryer, the next toward the front, etc. This is supposed to help kick the dryer contents back and forth to avoid a constant rolling action that would ball up sheets. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all. There was no solution except to get a bigger dryer.

I don't have this issue with my Miele W4842, but I also dry king size sheets and duvets individually in order to avoid wrinkles and creasing. A reversing dryer is also very effective at preventing items from balling-up. Miele, Electrolux and perhaps others have a reversing tumble.

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My Samsung dryer balls up sheets and such from time-to-time. When it does, I remove the items, and without "un-balling" them, I replace them so that the side of the ball that was closest to the door is now closest to the back of the dryer. This way the dryer is rotating them in the opposite direction, and it "unballs" them. This usually allows them to dry with no further problem.

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I find that putting one or two bath towels in with the sheets often remedies the situation. I presume the towels interfere with the "balling" action.


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You can also try throwing in a couple of tennis balls or a pair of "dryer balls" in there to see if they help.

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I have the same problem. Called Sam Sung service guy, he insists that dryer is working as designed. Working as design to rolled up? Why would I pay almost $900 for an extra large dryer and have to put up with this?
I want my money back, but still getting a run around with Samsung.

My old dryer worked perfectly without this problem for 25 years! Go Kenmore...

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Any large dryer will do this that tumbles in one direction. Think about it, you have nothing but sheets in it, all big items going around in the same direction. Whats it gonna do..ball them up from the motion of the rotation, its that simple. I never had a dryer that didnt do this when I do sheets alone, which I prefer to do. Just cut the cycle time in half, redistibute them and carry on

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Any item that has such a large fabric surface area will ball up in a dryer that constantly spins in only one direction. This is why Miele and other higher end dryers have a reverse tumble function. The dryer senses a change in the torque needed to turn the drum, indicating that the contents have balled up, so the dryer goes into reverse mode to untangle. It works like a charm. I've never had anything ball up in my Miele dryer.

I wonder if Consumer Reports tested for these types of things when they reviewed and rated their washers & dryers? Somehow I doubt it.

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