Persil vs. Mexican Ariel

tennblondie78June 20, 2013

I am currently using Mexican Ariel Doble Poder. I am EXTREMELY interested in using Persil because I have read nearly everyone on here write about how much they love it. Can anyone here give insight as to how Persil compares with the Mexican version of Ariel? I do not care for the smell of the Mex. Ariel, but I do love the clean I get from phosphated detergent. I love scented clothes, so the smell of Persil is a plus. Is it really as good as everyone says? I will gladly take out a bank loan to buy it (haha!), just wish we could get samples here in the US like they can in Germany. First time poster, BTW. :)

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"I do love the clean I get from phosphated detergent"

Phosphates were removed from German detergents some 30 years ago. Only dishwasher detergents still have them here. That being said, Persil is a very good cleaner esp. for whites in warm to hot water. Maybe here's a Miele store somewhere near you and they might have a small size for you to try out(?)


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Thanks for the response. :) I knew Persil didn't have phosphates in it, which is one of the main reasons I was asking about it compared to the Mexican version of Ariel, which does contain phosphates. There isn't a Miele store near here, I may bite the bullet and buy a 5 load box of Persil sometime to try before I make a major commitment.

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For what it's worth, I recently bought (Eastern) European Ariel Color powder and Persil powder (I live in a town with a large Polish population and there are several stores in town that carry a vast array of European goods). I use the Ariel powder for my dark towels and duvet covers and Persil for whites, mostly in hot or sanitary cycles. I think Persil cleans wonderfully. Ariel does a very good job too but I noticed it leaves my laundry pretty stiff. No noticeable stiffness with Persil. I also like the scent of Persil better than Ariel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out my laundry stash ;-)

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izeve, you have an impressive stash! The Mexican version of Ariel doesn't seem to leave my clothes stiff. I just always like to try new things, and Persil seems to have a cult following.

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I LOVE Persil, but at 5 times the price of Sears Ultra Plus HE, I just cant justify it. It works even better with some STPP added, but of course that drives the price even higher. I get quite adequate results from the Sears detergent These past 5 years..

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