Frigidaire dryer will not heat.

Partsman41953June 26, 2013


I have an older Frigidaire dryer, model #GLER341CCO that was taking a long time to dry clothes and now the heat will not come on at all. Everything else works fine on the dryer. I am not sure if it could be the heating element, fuse, or thermostat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I think thats an electric dryer. Check your fuses/breakers first. Most likely you are only getting one leg of power to the dryer.

Next check your vents to make sure they aren't blocked. You may want to run one cycle without the vent connected to see if it makes a difference in drying.

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If you are handy and it's an electric dryer run a continuity check across the heating elements. If you get no continuity, the elements went bad. And sometimes even though the wire looks fine it may not have continuity.

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