STPP usage with hard water

kcaustin68June 14, 2010

I need advice on how to use STPP under my local conditions. The water is rated 11gpg (191 ppm), I have a new Bosch 500 frontloader, and am using Sears HE free & clear detergent powder. We have 3 children in our house, including an infant, so I tend to add extra rinses to my washloads.

I am planning on starting with 1 tbls of STPP to 2 tbls of detergents. However, my bigger question to ask is this: do I need to do anything to the rinse water besides adding fabric softener? My towels and clothes currently come out very stiff. I'm worried that they will continue to be stiff due to the hardness of rinse water. It doesn't seem like STPP in the rinse water would help.

I appreciate everyone's advice on this in advance.

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My well water was measured a few years ago at 11 grains. I've heard recommend to use STPP on a 1:3 ratio -- 1 part STPP to 3 parts detergent -- which is what I've been doing for a couple years. That may be stronger than necessary. A fellow I know who runs a hospital laundry claims he gets by with 1 *teaspoon* (or maybe I misunderstood and it's 1 tablespoon?) for a 50 lb load (not sure if that's on presoftened water). I've cut back to 1 tablespoon maximum the last couple months, haven't noticed any adverse effect thus far.

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Do you need to add the STPP to powdered detergent only, or can you use it with liquid as well? If so, would you put it in the dispenser with the liquid detergent or into the drum with the clothes at the beginning of the cycle?

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Since STTP is a pretty safe chemical and is non-reactive, I would say just dump it in your dispenser along with the liquid detergent. In your Bosch, I would reduce the STTP to 1 tsp. A little goes a very long way!

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A possible concern regards to mixing powdered STPP with liquid detergent in a dispenser is that it can turn into a sticky mess that's difficult to flush through.

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