Please help me choose a gas dryer

EllenMelJune 12, 2012

My beloved 70's something gas dryer is finally ready for the graveyard. I'm thinking about keeping my also 70's something Maytag washer (unless someone can convince me otherwise) so a matching set is not an issue. There's only 2 of us, so it will only be used a few times a week. While I don't really need top-of-the-line, I also don't want the cheapest. Additionally, my laundry room is fairly small, so I'd like to get something comparable in size to what I currently have. Any brand or bells-and-whistles suggestions would be greatly appreciated....thanks so much!

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The only suggestion I would have is to purchase a dryer that will handle the load of the next washer you will eventually buy. You don't want your dryer to be undersized for whatever washer you decide to buy in the future. I say this because all the new washers seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

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Housefairy, I'm not even sure of the size of the dryer I currently have (Maytag DG608). While it seems to be plenty big for our needs, is there a "typical" size? From online searches, it seems that 7.0 is very popular (?)

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If this is a "Halo of Heat" model (is the filter at the center/rear inside the drum?), the capacity is small compared to dryers nowadays. For that reason, Maytag changed the design to what they called "Stream of Heat" (filter at the front just inside the door opening?) which allowed for a larger drum.

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Dadoes, the filter is just inside the door opening. Since the model number is a 608, I'm not sure if this means it's a 6 cubic foot?

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608 is a series/model number. All dryers of the 08 series were the same size. Now that I recall, DE606 would the "Halo of Heat" style. DE608 is the updated "big-load" (at that time) design. Maytag had a succession of model-series -- 06, 07, 08, 10, 12, etc. I have a DE308 and a DE906.

External/physical size of laundry machines is largely standard for width, but depth may vary. Super-size dryers typically have the rear "bumped-out" for a deeper drum. Your machine is mostly equivalent to what would be a standard-capacity unit nowadays.

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Are you sure your dryer can't be repaired? A few years ago I thought mine (from the 80's I believe - it came with my house) had bit the dust, but I researched it online and discovered that it would be a pretty easy fix. The part I needed was under $30, and I didn't have to pay for labor because a friend helped me. (I probably could have managed it alone if I'd had the confidence.)

The reason I'm suggesting it is they really DON'T make them like they used to. It's appalling how quickly many newer appliances fail, and when they do, the repairs are so expensive that most people just replace them. I can understand buying a newer washer because the new ones use so much less water and electricity, but gas dryers are economical to run, and there haven't been any earth-shattering advances in dryer technology (to my mind, at least).

The following site sells parts for all kinds of appliances, and also has a handy trouble-shooting guide that helps you diagnose the problem and find exactly the parts you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliance Repair Clinic

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Thanks Dadoes: what is standard now, 6 or 7 cu ft? And dilettante, thank you for the link, I will check into that. It's been making a grinding noise, especially bad when it first starts up, so I'm not quite sure what the problem is at this point.

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Your noise could be bad motor bearings, worn drum rear support rollers, front drum slides, or belt idler ... or the air blower loosened on the motor shaft, slipping until it gets up to speed. All these items are fixable, the motor would be the most expen$ive.

Yes, 6+ to 7+ cu ft, although there are a few larger. I haven't been able to find a stated drum size for your machine, but I'd guess it's in the 6 cu ft range.

Here is a link that might be useful: DE608 Parts @

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Took the front panel off the dryer this weekend, and it appears to have a broken blower wheel. The part costs all of $20 at Thanks all for your help and vintage dryer lives on, and for less than $25!

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