Placement of HVAC/flue chase?

CamGOctober 19, 2012

We're in the final design stages of a 2 story, 2,300 sf house. in Nebraska. My GC is thinking we'll use a single gas furnace in the basement. We forgot to put in any kind of HVAC and flue chase when we designed the place, so now we are trying to figure out where to put it.

Originally the GC thought we should put it here:

First floor (the gray box):

Second floor (the box labeled chase):

Is there any reason we couldn't turn it 90 degrees and move it a few feet directly to the right to be along the exterior wall of the house? We haven't planned exactly where the HVAC equipment will go in the basement, but I haven't able to get a hold of the GC to ask about this and it affects a lot of other planning we're doing. Thanks for any ideas.

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A high efficiency (90%+) does not need a chimney flue. The are vented through PVC piping out the side of the house. You may need a flue for the gas hot water heater. But I think you could also vent out the side of house if it has a power vent.

Why is the chase so larger? The diameter of the flue is 8-10 inches. You could make the chase smaller a build a utility closet in front of it.

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woodsy_1 Zone 5b Illinois

We just did what mike home suggests. High efficiency furnace and water heater with a power vent, all vented to the outside with PVC pipe. We did it simultaneously with replacing the roof, allowing us to eliminate the chimney. The bonus is that now we are able to remove the chase from the corner of the bedroom, which will give us room for 2 bedside tables. Problem solved!

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I think you're talking about the HVAC runs for blower outputs and returns? Not just the furnace exhaust?

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