Electric to gas and R22 vs R41 matching system

amyspaetzle262October 10, 2011

I live in an all-electric home with a Trane heat pump (R22) and variable stage air handler installed in 2004.

I would like to keep my heat pump, but convert to a gas furnace. I have two quotes on identical Carrier ICS furnaces and evaporator coils but each proposes different refrigerants.

1. The first company suggests I keep everything R22. He'll install some kind of valve that would allow me to eventually convert to R41 once the condenser goes down the road.

2. The second company wants to change everything out to Puron R41. This option is $1,800 more expensive. No mention of replacing condenser. Do I have to replace the condenser so it "matches?"

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Location please?

Current electric and nat gas rate? This is nat gas or propane?

If you are satisfied with operation of HP, you can keep it. However, you need to check with a Trane Dealer and see what's available in a matching evap coil.

I know it's done everyday but I would get a quote on a Trane XV95 VS furnace over the Carrier.

What mdl Trane HP?

Post back.


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Northeast Ohio
current electric: 7.45 cents per kWh
proposed natural gas: 0.75780 per Ccf
Trane HP: XL14i 2.5 ton Model: 4TWx4030A1000
Haven't found a local Trane dealer I would care to do business with. Bad BBB ratings, bad reviews, bad personal experiences....that's why I was looking away from Trane.
Both bids include new Carrier evaporator coils compatible with what I have. Or do you foresee mismatched system problems downn the road?

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You should recheck that condenser mdl number. The mdl you listed is a 410 refrigerant mdl as designated by the first number 4. Should be a sticker at one of the side panels on the condenser that says 410a refrigerant.

If you have little confidence in Trane, check with sister company Am Std
dealer. They would have access to evap coil and same furnace.

I would never have or recommend a mismatched or third party coil for an outside condenser especially if matching coil from same company was available.

It seems you are leaning toward making a big mistake.


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You are absolutely correct. Just found the original heat pump contract and it clearly states the heat pump has 410 refrigerant. I can't thank you enough for catching that. And shame on the local company who looked at the heat pump, saw the model number and still claimed R22 was fine. I will rethink Trane and check out Am Std.
Thank you again!

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A little checklist besides the need for evap coil and furnace if you elect to go dual fuel and keep existing HP condenser (which I would keep).

1. Existing lineset should be checked for both size and condition.

2. You will require a new dual fuel thermostat with outdoor sensor.

3. I recommend a good whole house air filter cabinet if you don't already have one

4. What size is your home? You don't want to oversize furnace which
typically many dealers still do. You have crawlspace or basement?


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Thanks again Tigerdunes for the checklist.
Item number 2 is something neither installer mentioned so I will do my homework.
Home is 1700 sq ft, no basement, no crawlspace.
Furnace is going in a hallway utility closet. Only 29 inches deep. It's a tight squeeze and I've gotten various reactions from some furnaces just won't fit, to the doors have to made more fireproof with metal panels.
So far everyone has been quoting me 80,000 btus at 95% efficiency all variable speed.
Thanks for the advice. You're a a great resource.

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Even with a NIM you wouldn't recommend a Carrier Infinity furnace and evaporator coil with my existing Trane heat pump? My carrier rep just called back and said there are no compatibility issues. Everything would be R41.

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What would you expect the carrier rep to say?

If the situation was reversed and you had a Carrier HP, I certainly would not recommend a Trane furnace and coil.

BTW, has Carrier even provided you the mdl number of the evap coil they propose? I would be surprised if it's not a third party coil.

Post back.


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I was told the coil would be a Carrier coil: model CNPVP.
Meeting with a Trane dealer Thursday and looking into Am Std.
Thanks for your feedback.

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