Kenmore HE3T. Can we fix this or is it time to replace?

clc08June 14, 2012

Model 110.4922

I've noticed not draining well, but only when I wash bath mats/rugs alone without adding extra towels and it had this problem basically from when it was new. I can remedy it by running drain/spin cycle. But:

2 weeks ago I ran a regular load and waited until next a.m. to put clothes in dryer. The drum was filled with water and it poured out all over the floor.

Yesterday, had soggy clothes (regular load) and ran drain/spin which did ok. However, later I noticed the empty drum had partially filled with water...

What is the problem here? We would like to keep it going if it is an easy fix as we are on very strict budget, although I will say I've never liked this washer, and we could replace it with a GE GFWS3500LWS for around $345 which includes the price of a new latch. (Lowes markdown)

Any help appreciated!


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That's not a full model number, should be more digits. If you provide the full number, I can look up the part online ... or you can do it yourself at

Water valve hanging partially open seems to be your problem, allowing fill water to seep in when the machine is otherwise off. Replacement of the water valve is the fix, not overly expensive. To avoid the problem in the meantime, after finishing your washing for the day, immediately turn off the hot & cold SUPPLY FAUCETS. Water can't dribble in if the faucets are off. If you want to determine which valve is at fault (doesn't matter regards to replacement, hot & cold valves are a unitary assembly), turn off only the COLD at first, see if the problem continues. If so then turn cold back on and turn HOT off. If still leaking, then both valves are at fault.

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Dadoes, thank you.

Model no. 110.42922200

If it were you would you replace the water valve or go ahead and get a new one? Also, yesterday I did a load on normal cycle and it looked like there wasn't enough water in the drum...couldn't see any. So I did a spin/drain and ran a delicate cycle instead..could then see the water. Is that all related to the water valve???

Thank you!!!!!

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From your description, I agree with dadoes. I'll bet replacing the fill-valve will have you right again. If you're satisfied with the machine otherwise, the fix isn't complicated or expensive DIY....short service-call expense added if you have it done. Then, again, new machines are always nice. Your call.

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The valve is Part Number 8181694. Sears lists it at $55.12.

Other sources are comparable -- $51, $54, etc.

Your eBay find is the correct item, an even better price.

Yes, I'd repair the machine. Why spend $350 (or more) on a new washer for a $55 (or less) part? Replacement is not difficult (unless perhaps you have a dryer stacked on top) ... disconnect the water supply hoses, remove the machine's top panel, swap out the valve.

The Delicate cycle typically has a higher water level than Normal, for purpose of cushioning delicate items during tumble.

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Asolo and Dadoes, thanks for your replies. As much as I have never loved this washer (understatement) we're going to go ahead and order the part. Alas, the dryer is stacked on top...we'll just have to deal with it.

Thanks Again!

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