Is it difficult to replace pump on washer?

bookertJune 5, 2011

Trying again for some guidance here....

The drain pump on my GE Harmony is getting quite loud. It's a vibration/loud humming sounding sound. Make sense??

Would replacing it quiet it?

How do I check it?

Now.... if I need to replace it, can someone please give me step by step instructions so I can do it myself? I am female, but am more than willing to do it.

Thank you for your help, it's appreciated!

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Try looking up your model number at, which should have a parts diagram that should give you an idea of where the pump is located on the machine and what's involved in disassembly.

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Thank you!
Does the noise I'm hearing "sound" as if the pump is going bad?

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I'm not intimately familiar with the Harmony units. If there's an obvious unhealthy noise when the pump runs, then clearly something is amiss. Trick is to determine conclusively that it's the pump at fault. If the noise occurs during spin, the main motor is spinning the inner basket at the same time the pump is running, so could be either. If there's a neutral drain period before spin and the noise occurs at that point when the basket is not spinning, then that's a more definitive indication that the pump itself is at fault at least partly if not fully.

Could be debris of some ilk caught in the pump, rather than the pump actually going bad.

All these newfangled electronic machines have diagnostic routines to test/run individual components or a quick-test cycle. There should be a technical service sheet stashed somewhere on the machine, typically inside the control panel, that outlines the tests.

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I will have to double ck. whether there is a neutral drain period. I'm thinking so. I think it's right at the beginning, before the spin kicks in.
Hmmmm.. not thought of debris being in there.
Any idea how I check that out?

The only drawback of the units is the water hose connectors are plastic at the unit. They are a bear to reconnect! Otherwise they leak! Arg! Very poor design for sure! The threads strip just a bit each time you disconnect them.
I wonder if they can be replaced? It doesn't look like it, but maybe a call to GE will answer that question.

I will see if I can get inside the control panel to have a look for the tech sheets...

Many thanks!

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I sent a bit more info via a msg to your GardenWeb profile.

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Maybe try some teflon tape on the hose connector's threads. That may give them enough sealing power to help. Otherwise it's probably time to replace the whole valve assembly.

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Oh wonderful! I will ck it out!
Thank you!

yes, we already tried that, but since the ends of the connectors are buggered up (spelling?) there lies the problem. It's very hard to get the threading even started and if it's not perfect it cross threads and leaks. arg..
The valve assembly can be replaced?? Never knew!

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