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monkeymoJune 11, 2010

I wanted to post my laundry room layout so I started a new thread. I have gone from 6 recessed lights to 4. The placement is staggered because this would give the best coverage of lighting I think. I think they will be 6" canned lights.

All cabinets have been ordered and are sitting in house so not much can change. The space to the left of the bathroom door was originally going to be pet center (store dog food, etc), but I needed some way of staging for wash (spot treating) and for hanging and folding (I generally fold right out of dryer) so we left that space open to put one of those chrome rolling laundry baskets with hanging rod. Because of that the area to the right of the machines will have to pull double duty as pet station.

Machine wall has a tall pantry cabinet then the fl washer, then fl dryer, then counter there was no place to set the basket when loading the washer (hence the rolling basket). We also did not put a cabinet over sink to leave it open, but am thinking we might want to or perhaps we could just do some open shelves with plants. I mean what kind of stuff would need to go in a cabinet there?

I wasn't so sure about having the sink across from washer and dryer but it was the best way to get more counter space on the machine wall. We only use the current laundry sink in basement for washing brushes, etc not for anything laundry related really so I think that will be okay.

Any thoughts on layout or ideas for over sink, on lighting, etc would be great.

Here is the layout:

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I bet there's a reason --and I am by no means an expert-- but would a pocket door be suitable? It looks like the door will need to be closed to use the sink.

It looks like a wonderfully functional laundry/utility space with plenty of room for moving, sorting, folding and storage.

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Actually we are going to put in double doors there...each door is 18" and basically you just push them to open since the door handles are non-turning.

I was thinking of pocket door, but on the other side of the wall in the den are going to be built-in bookcases and our area requires you to have an outlet on any wall greater than 24" wide. So we think we are going to have to have outlets on the wall on each side of the door. We are asking if we can bypass this since there are other outlets within range.

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What a nice layout! I think it's wise you went down to 4 recessed lights- that should be plenty!

As far as the sink across from the washer and dryer, I had a similar setup, in a much smaller space in my previous house. It worked well, and like you, I didn't do much laundry related stuff, but did use the sink quite often.

I also had cabinets under the sink and above the washer and dryer. I liked the cabinets above the washer/dryer, somehow they did get filled up with all sorts of stuff. However, the washer was an older top loader and not as big/tall as our current FL. We don't not have cabinets over our current TL, and even if we did, I probably wouldn't use them for much because I would need a step ladder to get to them.

Good luck!

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Pocket door is great -- we just did it -- you may need to rearrange electrical outside laundry room if you go this direction. Also if you ever go to a FL the sink will come in handy to rinse out liquid soap & alternative bleach measuring caps or add water if using liquid fabric softener. I did not realize how much I depended on the water running into my TL to assist with keeping tops cleaned out.

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