Gas dryer won't start after water

TomNorthJerseyJune 18, 2013

Older gas Kenmore dryer model 11097278800 doesn't start after some flooding in the laundry room. Maybe 4-5" where the dryer is. Dryer wasn't turned on for a couple of days after everything was dried out.

I tried searching the forums but the other threads I found the dryer made some noise. This one doesn't make any noise when the start button is pressed.

I tried turning the the drum by hand and it was a little hard at first but turns with some effort.

Any idea what might be the problem?

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No way to be certain without hands-on examination. The motor and gas burner surely got wet, both are mounted to the base.

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In all the threads I read one of the first questions I read whether the dryer made any noise at all. I assumed that provided some sort of diagnostic info. Unfortunately for me all the other threads the dryer did make some noise.

My first thought was that the motor went bad. If that's the case would it cause the dryer to not make any noise when pressing the start button?

I can't imagine the thermal fuse would have blown from the water. Is there anything in the burner assembly that would prevent the dryer from turning on?

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Any thoughts on what it means that there's no sound? from what I read it seems that when the dryer makes a humming noise that means the motor is bad. Since the motor is on the bottom that seems like the most likely cause but does the fact that there is no sound and the timer doesn't turn mean anything? I'm going to take the dryer apart this weekend or next and hopefully try and track down the problem. Was just hoping I could get some input before I start.

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A motor that makes a humming noise but doesn't turn/start, is getting power but could be jammed or seized with bad bearings, or have a bad start winding, or bad start switch or something related.

A motor that doesn't hum, isn't necessarily jammed or seized (although still could be), but for sure could be electrically dead or isn't getting power through whatever span of switches and wires are involved.

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