hhireno, omg! your bs are out of this world!

natalDecember 27, 2011

I thought my orange-ginger recipe was incredible, but yours is in the same league if not better! Thanks much for sharing!

Brussels Sprouts with Caramelized Shallots

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I'm so happy you like them - we love them. I didn't try your orange ginger recipe for Xmas dinner because one sister doesn't like ginger (!!what the heck is wrong with her?). I'll try them some night when she won't be here for dinner.

For anyone else looking for the recipe, the original recipe is here
epicurious Brussel Sprout Hash

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My DH hates BS's so I have to try this caramelized recipe. If that doesn't convert him I don't know if anything will.

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I am going to make these for New Year's Eve to go with our roasted duck. I used this recipe last year. I had awesome roasted BS with duck at our local French restaurant. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Epicurious Crisp Roast Duck

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I'm still thinking about them this morning, lol. Have to pick up more Brussels sprouts this week. I didn't measure anything and subbed balsamic for the cider vinegar. What a treat! Thanks again!

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Turned out great! Happy New Year!

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MY DH loved it and he hates BSs.

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