Samsung Gas Dryer Doesn't Dry!

marlowe55June 29, 2010

Our brand new Samsung DV220AG gas dryer doesn't work, right out of the box. The electrical mechanism works and the gas burner seems to be switching on. Our contractor has also checked the vent pipe, and the machine seems to be venting correctly. A call to Samsung tech support wasn't helpful.

We've scheduled a service call, about a week from the day we called. I'd been told that Samsung has very poor service locally (NYC), but I decided to give the manufacturer a try because of the high CR ratings. Any help appreciated.

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So sorry you are having problems. It does not surprise me though, as in the many, many sets of washers and dryers I have had over many years...I tried 2 gas dryers (always buy electric dryers). Both gas dryers did not dry properly or efficiently. Can you return and get electric? Electric dryers are more consistent, even, quieter, safer (IMO) and just work better. A vast majority of the world's population uses electric dryers, even in areas with plentiful natural gas!

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Broken right out of the box? Forget a service call -- demand they bring out a brand new unit!! You shouldn't have to keep something that's factory defective IMO.

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I totally agree with mysteryclock. I have returned every washer or dryer that had a defect the day i got it or if it came up few days after. In all they ordered me another set, or another washer or a dryer if it was the one defective. You should NOT have to call for service right after you get it. Just call the store, tell the sales guy or the store manager that you would prefer they get you another dryer. If you want to change to electric, then do it when they order. You've spent a lot of money for it to be defective. Also if you call Samsung, ask right off for a manager, don't bother with the customer service. Good Luck

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