thermostat or englander pellet stove

neksteveOctober 8, 2012

I have a new englander(summers heat) pellet stove, I'd like to have a thermostat turn it on and off to save pellets during the day as on setting #1 the house gets to hot. The company says it can only control the amount of pellets coming out by the thermostat selecting 1 through 9 setting on the stove. Is there a way that would actually turn the stove on or off according to a preset temperture say 72?I would manually select a setting like 1 or 2 depending on outside temp.

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I think all that unit is capable of is to toggle from low to whatever other setting is selected. If you call their customer service it is the best of any stove company out there. One of the guys is a regular on the forum and is tremendously helpful for Englander and other brands in general. Call their service and check out because there is a ton of helpful information on the Englander stoves which are great units.

Here is a link that might be useful: hearth forum in pellet stove section

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Thank you. I did call and you are correct guess thats all it will do. although i had a guy suggest taking a electric heater thermostate and adapting it to a outlet, the thermostat would cut power on off the the outlet only draw back it would not be good for the stove as it needs tp burn down.

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With some fine tuning you might be able to idle the stove down a bit more on low which will help. Weather as it progresses will help also as it gets colder.

I would NOT under any circumstances regulate the stove with a line voltage thermostat (baseboard type heater stat). Even if there is a nice length upward section allowing a good draft there is nothing to say that a good windy day or night and the stove kicks off because of the power cord is switched by a stat that you will not end up with a room full of smoke.

I have a quadrafire that is on/off controlled via thermostat and has a high med low manual setting. When the stat is satisfied it stops feeding pellets and both the combustion fan and room heat fan continue to blow until the stove cools off. The combustion fan probably continues to blow for 10 minutes after the fire is visibly out.

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