Iron Stains on White Clothing

chrstnamarieJune 9, 2014

It seems our water softener was not working properly last week. I started to get a metallic smell in the master shower, so I call to have the water tested. Not even thinking, the night before they came I did my daughters laundry, and put it straight in the dryer.

Long story short we realized there was a leak in one of the hoses, so the backwash was not performing correctly and, therefore, we probably had some iron slippage.

That night I went to fold my daughters laundry and found her favorite all white, non-100% cotton dress completely rust stained. I didn't think any of the other whites were stained, until she wore a black and white striped shirt out in the sun yesterday and it was definitely tinged yellow (but looked bright white under the house lights).

So, my question is - is there any hope for her dress and other whites that were in that load since I already put through the dryer? I have Iron Out and was planning on soaking them once they come back out and assure me my softener is working properly.


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Iron-out might be all you need.

If you need a stronger rust stain remover, Barkeeper'sFriend clenaser (the powder) has oxalic acid in it. Sprinkle a bit onto the stain (wet the cloth) and let it sit.

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