What's a good countertop for laundry room?

swampwizJune 22, 2009

My laundry room will have some countertop space, and I was wondering what would be a good top for it. I don't know, maybe this top will be used as a base for ironing?

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I think it depends on what else you use your laundry room for. If the counter will be for folding laundry only and you want a high-end look, you could do granite. If you want that high-end look that is more durable, go with quartz or corian. We, however, use the laundry room counter for countless things that would ruin most surfaces. Hubby lays power tools on it (he can't put anything away), he will occasionally super-glue something together on it, set a can of paint on it - you get the idea. So what do I have? Laminate. Currently re-doing my laundry room and going with laminate again. Its cheap, durable, can be easily replaced. AND there are tons of choices of laminate. You could spend $100 or thousands of dollars, so it depends on your budget and what you intend to do on this counter.

But depending on how much counter space you have, you maybe could get a remnant of granite fairly reasonable. My opinion is that altho I want it to look fairly nice, its still a laundry room and I won't be entertaining guests in there :)

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We are going to use IKEA butcher block. I love that way it looks and the price is certainly right!

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We're also using Ikea but the thinner (cheaper) Pronomen wood counter. Half of it is installed and I really like the look. I'm not sure I would iron on it but we put in a small drawer mounted ironing board that tucks away in the top drawer of one of the cabinets under the folding area.

In our case I want it to look nice because we have to walk through the laundry room to get to our bedroom.

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Mine is used mostly for folding, and since white would work, we followed our fabricator's suggestion and used the least expensive solid surface that he carried. It's working out fine for me. I won't be using it for an ironing base . . . not sure what would work for that.

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