Electrolux or Whirlpool Duet? Need help!

redwoodgirlJune 11, 2010

Hi Everybody!

We have narrowed our choices for a washer and dryer down to Electrolux IQ touch, (with steam only in the dryer) or the Whirlpool Duet (with steam in the dryer as well). Please help me decide! I LOVE the Electrolux, but Sears is having a huge sale this Sunday and I would saving $700 if I go with the Whirlpool Duet. A little backround info: I am SAHM with 3 children 5 and under. I have a husband who changes his clothes 3x daily, and I cloth diaper my youngest. Lastly, it will be going on the second floor of our home. Any opinions about which machines or features are recommended are greatly appreciated!

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You might want to make sure the store checks at Electrolux to be certain that they still have the IQ Touch in non-steam. I bought a Wave Touch almost a month ago. I returned it due to a problem and requested they send me another one. The store called to tell me that Electrolux discontinued the Wave Touch in non-steam. Didn't know at the time of order, but found out a few days later. I will get the steam one at the price i paid for the non-steam. Electrolux does have a second floor waranty, that states they can be put on second floors or they will remove it if not satisfied. I really love my Wave Touch. I like the size especially, and the dryer is great. It does have a high velosity of air going through it so it may be a little louder than one 8-10 years old of a different model. It cleans very well. The bright light inside is awesome. There is some noise when spinning, but not as loud as other brands i have tried. The washer is very quiet when washing. You can hear the draining, but rarely hear it filling. There are other posts about Electrolux and also of Whirlpool, so hopefully you can get info to make a decision. Most important of all is to be sure of the return policy where you buy it from like how many days can you return. That way if you really don't like one of them you can return it for the other. That is what i did and i think a lot of others have also. Good Luck

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i have the duet. (costco 2 yrs, so no steam) you'll love the extra white cycle for those diapers..it does take 90 minutes but wow...and while it looks like you're stuffing the machine i havn't had any problems yet. i have found the dryer 40 minute cycle is best for me. no matter what set you decide on, if they're on the pedistals, have someone other than dh level it!

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I like the fact that the Duet has a rinse/spin option. Not all front loading machines have that. The Duet also has the Max Fill button this year. I haven't seen that in operation, but the concept is great. The WFW9450 machine seems to be the best Duet I have seen so far.

Plus you'll save money with the Duet. Sure the Electrolux has a lot of neat features, but how often will you use them after the newness wears off?

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I have had my Electrolux Wave Touch set for about a week now and LOVE them! I had some problems with vibration because they were not leveled by the installers but I tweaked it and now they are perfect! There is minimal vibration, which means they would be ideal for a second floor install. They even have the guarantee for the second floor, as rosesark mentioned. They are also HUGE! For a family that does as much laundry as it sounds like yours does, they would be a big asset to have. They are currently the largest washer and dryer on the market right now, and easily fit a king size comforter.

My mom has the Duets on the second floor of her house and she hates them. They aren't as quiet and you sometimes can hear the washer on the spin cycle from downstairs. She also thinks they are too small. One advantage to the Duets though is the price and sales. Electrolux has UMRP pricing, which means that retailers that sell them are NOT allowed to discount. So the IQ touch set would run you at least $2200. Not a cheap investment! There is a 10% rebate going on through June from Electrolux, however, which might help some.

Good luck with choosing! I know it is overwhelming with all of the choices out there! Oh, and one of the main reasons we narrowed it down to Electrolux was the reversible doors. Our laundry room is set up with the washer on the right and the dryer on the left, the opposite of most front load sets sold in the US.

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The Electrolux has a spin only option as well, to which you can add a rinse, making it a rinse and spin only.

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I have the duet washer, no steam. After 2 years, it had a major breakdown and would have cost about $1100 to repair but I had the 5 year extended warranty and it did not cost me anything. For the difference in price I would get it but be sure and get the extended warranty.

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I was choosing between the Electrolux IQ Touch and the Whirlpool Duet as well (no steam). I ended up choosing the Duet, but I am in the opposite situation as you. It is just me and my husband and we're not heavy users of the washing machine, so we don't need the 4.7 cu ft capacity of the Electrolux. As much as I love European styling, the Electrolux is $1099 and the Whirlpool Duet I am getting is under $800 and the difference in dryer prices was just over $400. Because I don't really have the need for all of the cool Electrolux features or the capacity, I went with the Whirlpool given the price differential was material to me.

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