Thermostat problem on 1 zone

wzolla86October 31, 2011

Hi guys,

I've tried to research other posts as much as possible to figure this out but I have a few specifics with my situation.

I have 4 heating zones on my forced hot water system. All four work except the third floor, which just had a bathroom put in and the thermostat moved to another wall. The pipes are notorious for getting air in them and need to be flushed every so often, and I had to do this with the other three zones recently when turning on the heat for the year. I did this for the 3rd floor zone, and I feel the pipes filling with heated water, but it doesn't seem to be making it to the third floor. The dial thermostat clicks, but nothing comes on. I checked the connection of the white and red wires, which seem to be making contact. How should I trouble shoot this and what should I check next?

Thanks so much for any help.

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I am not sure I follow your description. Do you have four thermostats in your house? Does the boiler fire up when each of the thermostats call for heat, including the thermostat for the 3rd floor zone?

If the boiler is not firing when the 3rd floor zone is calling for heat then it is likely the thermostat. How many wires are present? Compare the wiring to another thermostat to see if it wired correctly. If possible swap thermostats to rule out a bad unit.

If the boiler is firing, then you may still have air in the 3rd floor zone. Are you able to bleed the air?

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Thanks for the reply, Mike. There are indeed 4 thermostats. They are all pretty old Honeywell types, and the problem Thermostat is brand new, replaced by the contractors during renovation. I do not believe that the thermostat kicks the heat on, but I'd have to have the other thermostats turned down for a bit to determine so I can watch for a fresh kick-on. I'll have to try swapping out the thermostats tonight to see what happens.

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So my problem doesn't seem to be with the thermostat. I was surprised to find that it worked this time but now I'm having other issues. I'll have to write a new post. Oh my head!

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