Orange stains after bleaching white shirt

JoyfulJanJune 14, 2011

I always use a 50/50 solution of Chlorox/water on my husband's collars for the neck grime. This time the collar came out with orange stains on it. I have re-applied the bleach to no avail. What has happened here?

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You may want to check the thread down below titled "Sunscreen leaving a ring around collar" - sounds like a problem very similar to yours.

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Liquid chlorine bleach will turn fabrics yellow if you have iron in your water.

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Which detergent do you use? Ever since I started using detergents with enzymes and oxygen bleach, and wash them on "warm"(86F), my DH's golf shirts don't need to collars pre-treated anymore for sunscreen & grime. They come clean on their own.

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@ Cavimum

Are you sure 86F=warm? I forgot what machine you had, I'm assuming Miele since I see you are active in the Miele threads, but for some reason I remember you had an LG. Miele's "warm" is 105F and "cold" is 85F. This is why I wish washer makers would just rely on temps instead of vague representations such as hot, warm and cold.

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'stava - Oops, my bad. Thanks for catching that. You're right --- Warm is 105F setting instead of 86F (which is Cold - what I use for darks). All these numbers . . . life was simple with the old TL where it was Hot, Warm or Cold, no internal heater, Warm was cooler in winter, and Cold was downright icy.

I have a metric chart over my washer, with the ml's to TB's, and the C:F temperature conversions & descriptions.

It's a whole new world.

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