cooking for one!?!

klseiverdJune 8, 2014

I swear by my Food Saver as someone usually cooking 1-2 portions of about anything... for dinner and then lunch the next day most of the time.

A regular sized package of something like boneless/skinless chicken breasts or even ground beef is WAY more than I want to cook. I repackage into individual portions and vac seal... no freezer burn.

And yesterday had 2 MAJOR scores at yard sales. Spent $10 and came home with bags easily worth $50... an UNOPENED box of 4 rolls, a package of 30-40 (I'm guessing" quart bags, and 2-3 almost whole rolls. AND an upgrade to the FS I already have!

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that has to be one of the best yard sale finds ever! My recipes are for two people and now it's just me so I vac-seal leftovers and don't have to cook as often. :-)

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That certainly WAS a great find. I once was in a salvage store that had FoodSaver pre-cut bags and rolls of bags "dirt cheap" and I purchased all they had and used them for years.

Personally, I'd rather cook large batches, portion/freeze/vacuum-seal, and only have to make some things a few times year, when possible.

You can pay around $1 for one cup of rice you can microwave in one minute (comes 2 containers to a box) - which is very convenient for people who are cooking for one or two. Or you can buy rice in bulk and it will cost around 5-cents per 1 cup of cooked rice if you cook it yourself and freeze it. I try to make the largest amount I can in the rice cooker and then freeze it in user-friendly portions. I may only make rice twice a year using this method. Same thing for a variety of beans - it's much cheaper than buying canned beans.


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I'm pretty good at cooking JUST enough rice for 1-2 servings, BUT I'm one of those people who always cooks too much pasta!?! It vac seals well (rice, too) and ready to eat in no time from frozen.

The 2 main supermarkets I go to will often SLASH prices on meat/chicken when it's 2-3 dates BEFORE sell-by date. I'll reportion, vac and freeze for future meals.

The FS bags aren't terribly expensive, but certainly NOT CHEAP... it's gonna be a nice LONG time before I'll even have to think of buying more!

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