Anyone have a microwave mounted under their wall cabinet?

mountainbasketmakerJanuary 19, 2008

I thought I had decided on an OTR microwave/hood for my very small kitchen, but after reading so many discouraging postings, I've decided against it. I have a place in my plans for an undercounter microwave (not over the range), if there is such a thing. I've looked on the appliances forum, and cannot find anything there. Can you put a OTR microhood under a wall cabinet? Do they make mountable microwaves that are not hoods/vents? Or, should I plan on putting a wall cabinet that has a shelf for a microwave in my plans? I don't need a fancy microwave as we only use it for reheating.

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GE space saver micros (not OTR) are hung under cabs.

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Mine is built in over my oven, is that what you mean?
It's barely visible to the left of this photo.


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mine is a ge that came with a mounting kit that we installed over a countertop- here is a pic:

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I'm pretty sure mountainbasketmaker is asking about undermount micros. If so, the options are pretty limited. GE has a Spacemaker model (used to be the JEM31SF in stainless, also avail in black and I think white. I think the model # has changed slightly but the micro is basically the same) and Sharp has 2 or 3 (very expensive) models. The thing I didn't like about the Sharps (other than the price) was that they are 15" deep so they stick out around a typical 12" upper cabinet. The GE is 12" deep and fits perfectly. You do have to buy a separate kit to get the cabinet mounting hardware. I got the kit for $15 shipped on ebay.

If you hadn't already guessed, I have the JEM31SF and we are VERY happy with it. It's not a huge microwave but we haven't had problems fitting anything in it so far (had it for a year).

To answer your other question, there's no technical reason you can't use a OTR micro as long as you're ok with that it might seem kind of odd given that they all have built in vents (which you obviously won't be using but will be paying for).

I don't have a great straight on photo but you can see the fit in these (the upper is a 24" cabinet):

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You may be looking for the Sharp Over The Counter R-1214 microwave. I have one in the box waiting for my kitchen project, which is starting in a couple of weeks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp Over-The-Counter R-1214

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The pictures you all posted are exactly what I was thinking about.... one mounted under cabinet and one on a shelf under cabinet. I'm so excited! Your microwaves not only look great, but also appear to be conveniently located. Thanks!

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Redbezal (Sorry, I know this is OT) What kind of backsplash tile do you have? It looks like what I want. Thanks!

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It's just a tumbled stone (marble) in a color called Noce. It has a lot of the holes that get filled in with grout, which gives it a rustic look. But it cleans up very easily.


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theresab, how deep is the upper cab that holds your MW? I was anticipating having to get a MW drawer, which isn't really what I want, because I don't want to have to do a built-in MW requiring a 24" deep cabinet.

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Glycera has an OTR Advantium mounted over the counter/under the upper cab. We're planning to do the same.

My parents have a regular Sharp MW on a shelf below an upper cabinet. The cabinets are Kraftmaid, but the shelf was added by their trim carpenter and the MW really looks built in.

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theresab actually has the same micro I have (the GE Spacemaker JEM 31SF or whatever the new model # is) but with a trim kit instead of undercabinet mounting kit. So the net result of all that is that I'm pretty sure that's only a 12" cabinet, as mine is.

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Nancy Adamopoulos

Here is our Advantium MW mounted over the counter. We bumped out the cabinet surrounding it. We also lowered it a bit so it wouldn't be mounted so high (it has a door that opens down rather than to the side)

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The February 2008 issue of Consumer Reports reviews microwaves and has indicators for which ones have a wall-mounting kit. FWIW, they also review ranges and washer/dryers.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Ours(GE Profile) hangs under the 24" cabinet above it. There is a custom vent piece under it and a light bar below that in order to have undercounter lighting. We've had it just for 2.5 years and are very pleased.

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