Removing Dye Transfer

itguy08June 24, 2011

So I did a Boneheaded thing yesterday and put a purple shirt that I thought wouldn't transfer dye anymore into a wash of light clothes. Including a couple white shirts. Oops, now I have a brown/purple white shirts - the rest of the laundry seems fine.

Tried soaking overnight in 1 cup of Clorox Color Safe bleach in a 5 gallon bucket and nothing. Still look the same....

Anything else to try? Really don't want to soak in chlorine bleach but if that's what it takes...

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Rit makes a color remover for things like this. I have not used it but there are reviews from satisfied customers and tips at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rit Color Remover

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Ditto the Rit color remover. It can be hard to find, but if you have a JoAnn fabric store, I found it in the tee-shirt dyeing section of the crafts dept. I saw it somewhere else recently, but can't remember.

I can't remember if you own a Miele, but sshrivastava pointed out that I could not use this product in my washer, per the owners manual. A big plastic bucket would work, though.

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Yes, page 24 of the W4842 manual has a warning box saying DO NOT use dye removers! I would check the instruction manual of your particular machine to ensure use of such a product is safe for your particular machine.

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Thanks for the tips. I tried looking for it at the grocery store and Target and came up empty handed. The nearest craft store is a ways away and didn't want to spend the gas for a couple free shirts that I use mainly as exercise clothes.

So I made up a 5 gallon bucket of maybe a cup of bleach and the rest hot water. Dunked the shirts int here for maybe 5-10 minutes and they are pretty white now. Rinsed them well in the sink and ran them through a quick cycle with an extra rinse with some detergent. They look decent. White again with a hint of yellow but for running at night and other exercise duties that will do.

But I will have to keep an eye out for the Rit (or pick some up next Amazon order) as it may be a good thing to have.

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itguy08 - I think I saw it at WalMart in the Laundry section. I think that is the other place I saw it, as I haven't been to too many stores in the past month.

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