Family farming supported by Chipotle

dedtiredJune 26, 2012

Feed lots and factory farms in the US are so gross and degrading for animals, people, & the environment. Here's to family farming. Chipotle won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Advertising Festival for this. Good for them!

No more square pigs!

PS. I am not in the advertising biz nor am I employed by Chipotle. I just like this ad.

Here is a link that might be useful: Back to The Start

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I liked that video. I agree, no more square pigs or cows that never see a pasture. Have some respect for the creatures that feed us.

Unfortunately there is no Chipotle even near here, but I like their advertising!


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It's a fast food place that sells Mexican food. Fast, affordable and healthy -- what a novel idea.

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I like the video too. It's hard for me to think about animals ending up as pieces on a styrofoam tray in the supermarket and worse to think of how are they raised. I do eat meat, but have never killed anything larger than an insect. DH had to kill a few chickens as a child and said he hated it, he's fished, and hunted a few times with friends. I know I'm unrealistic in my thinking. We are buying much more natural and organic food.

We have a Chipotle here and occasionally get something there. I never thought of their food as being healthy, perhaps because their portions are huge, but I think you are right Pam, the food itself is pretty straightforward and healthy. I wonder how they source the mass quantities of food that their national chain uses?


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I have been impatiently waiting for a Chipotle to open near us - I know they also do LEEDS (environmentally sound buildings). IIRC they used to use Niman Ranch meats but may have changed.

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I also liked the video. It's getting a lot of views - 6.5M so far. We go to a Chipolte Mexican Grill in Rhode Island. It's good. We split an order though 'cause servings are large.

Here's Chipolte's blurb on how they source product.


Here is a link that might be useful: Chipolte

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I just tried the new Chipotle yesterday. Honestly, for all the good the company does business-wise, the local taquerias have better food and are a lot cheaper. The carnitas was just shredded pork, no char or real flavor. I was expecting more, it was just meh.

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Oops, here's the link!

Here is a link that might be useful: article

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I love Chipotle. Definitely the healthiest fast food I've found. I like that a lot of them have brown rice now too.

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beachlily z9a

Apparently a Chipolte is going to open up near the Lowes/Target about 6 miles from my home. Happy day! One of the few fast food places that I really like! Vegetarian tacos! I may even try their meet. To think this place was started by McDonalds.

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Beachlily, Chipotle opened in 1993. McDonald's became an investor in 1998, but divested itself from the business by 2006.

Our first location just opened recently near the LSU campus.

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For the record, Chipotle was not started by McDonalds. McDonalds invested in the company in the 1990's but sold all interest in it in 2006.

Chipotles' commitment to source local (at least 30% of one ingredient is company policy) and to use meat raised according to certain standards may be overlooked if their requirements outstrip availability. The intention is good but the carry through, not always.

Still they are better than most other than perhaps Baja Fresh.

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As the saying goes - a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At least Chipotle is taking the first step, and it is in the right direction.

Also interesting is that they did not use an advertising agency to come up with that award winning ad. It was created in-house by their own employees. "Acres of diamonds in your own back yard" -- I am just full of quotes this afternoon.

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beachlily z9a

Wooops, that means don't listen to a guy who owns a couple of McD. restaurants. I should have looked it up.

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I like to eat at Chipotle after table tennis - I get the pork carnitas bowl.

It's hard to source a large amount of grass-fed beef. Costco opened its own beef processing plant in California, and their Organic ground beef is 75% grass-fed, sourced from New Zealand, Australia and fhe US. They are shooting for 100%.

I'm happy to see the progress at these levels of retail.

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