Any Advantage in Commercial Maytag Washers?

bestf100June 12, 2011

I'll be looking to buy a new front load washer within the next 6 months. I would love to have 1) commercial grade quality 2) few whistles and bells 3) durability (at least 10 years).

I would normally lean towards a new Speed Queen Front loader. However, at 2.8 cubic feet, the drum volume is a tad small (family of 4 with two teenage boys).


Do the commercial Maytag front load washers, such as Model # MHN30PD give you any advantages over their residential front load counterparts?

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Why don't you take an average load of clothes to your speed queen dealership and see if they fit in the machine?

I have a speed queen front loader and find it holds the same amount of clothing as the L.G. that it replaced.


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Thanks for replying. If your Speed Queen front loader holds as much clothing as your previous LG - then:

1) How big was your LG (in drum volume) & what model number was it?

2) The same amount of clothes fit, but are they all clean? Just askin'

3) Any quality issues with the Speed Queen? How long you owned it?

I still would like to know if the commercial Maytags differ internally from the residential, homeowner models (such as better bearings, pumps, etc)? Anyone know?

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I don't know anything about commercial Maytag washers (I have an HE TL Maytag Bravos, and love it), but I think that whatever washer you buy, you will want/need one that will give you true hot water. If you buy an HE washer, you will need an internal water heater to give you true hot water unless you live in a tropical climate.

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Yes, my laundry is clean in the Speed Queen. The difference is that I can fill the Speed Queen to the top of the tub. The LG could only effectively wash at 2/3rds full.
The LG (4.0 cu ft, I think) had a tilted drum which reduced the effective space that could be used. The SQ has a true horizontal wash basket which means more effective wash action of the drum.


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Just curious - how does a tilted drum reduce the effective wash space? The LG's squirt detergent water on the front throughout a large part of the wash cycle.

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The LG machine I had didn't pump water over the wash load during washing. If I filled the drum on the LG, clothing would tangle and not spin out at the highest speed. Almost always, I would find some article of clothing hiding in the rubber boot at the end of the cycle.


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