How to soften rock hard detergent

blairgirlJune 11, 2013

My basement got very damp a few weeks ago during a bad rainstorm. I'm noticing that all my powdered detergents and additives, like Borax, are rock hard and lumpy.

Is there a way to soften these powders up, minus using a hammer on them?

Thanks for any help.

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Hammer and chisel...

I wonder how much the detergent might have lost of its strengh (which is not unlikely to happen if washing powder becomes that damp).


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The same thing happened with my borax, empty it into a pail and crush it up with your hands. I now store it in a tupperware air tight container. I dont think mine lost any of its cleaning ability's.

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Some chemicals / components that are hygroscopic (attract moisture) can degrade over time to other substances when exposed to water ... so cleaning ability may already be dropping on a progressive reduction curve even if not yet reduced enough to be noticeable.

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