My Whirlpool front loader is walking

sharon620June 3, 2011

I think I did move it recently and now the drum is going wacky. What should I do? I have no idea how to level it.

Thank you


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It doesn't have to be truly, absolutely level. Much more important is that the weight is equally supported by all four corners.

An effective and simple way to check that is place a piece of paper under the front corners and set the machine to spin with a purposely off-balance load such as a large towel or two. When it gets going, tug slightly on the paper to see which corner is easiest to pull out amidst the vibration of the respective support legs, and crank that leg down a tad-bit at a time until the vibration is minimized.

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That is a really cool idea!

Machines are made of stamped metal and many parts bolted/screwed together. There are tolerances in all aspects. Sometimes the tolerances stack up and a machine might not measure perfectly level on its surface, but with this method the important parts are level.

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Yo DrPepperTech "....perfectly level..."

You're missing it.

Repeating does NOT have to be level. It's "important parts" do NOT have to be level. Anything even approximating level is fine.

It's the weight-bearing that's important, not level or lack-of-level. The suspension components must be able to bear firmly and equally (or nearly equally) on the supporting feet in order to do their job. They don't care if they're level or not as long as they can bear effectively.

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Uh, no. Not missing it. The important parts are the suspension. Instead of leveling it to the housing, leveling it for when it is spinning does balance "the important parts". Too many "professional" installers use a level on the top, adjust the legs and then leave. When the owner calls to complain they are told that the machine was leveled... then I get called because their machine is walking around.

They don't take the time to run a cycle, or to even read the installation manual. I get calls from store owners who complain about the customers complaining to them... when I go over the installation instructions the installers are supposed to be following the store owners are upset that we "hid" this information in the installation manual!!!!

Too often, the professionals don't remove the shipping brace or the suspension clips and when the machine shakes itself apart it is blamed on the machine!

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Sir or say you're not "missing it" but your additional writing betrays you. Please dispense with your use of the word "level" in this context. It has no application to this issue.

That issue is: shared, solid, nearly-even weight-bearing by the machine's feet upon which the suspension components must bear. Being "level" has near-zero to do with it! The machine can be quite kittywumpus off-level and will still work just fine as long the suspension components have good, solid, nearly-equal bearing on the feet.

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Sharon, to clarify, the machine does need to be level within a reasonable degree. The internal support structure ... springs and shocks and struts ... are typically mated with off-balance sensors that can be thrown off-kilter in their functioning if the tub is not within some semblance of levelness. But it's also important for minimizing vibration and "walking" that the weight is firmly and evenly supported at all four corners. This is where a half-turn of a leveling leg (for example) can make a difference.

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