3rd floor radiator

jozzyOctober 28, 2011

Hello -

I recently added a 3rd floor baseboard hot water radiator in our attic. The boiler is in the basement and has a circulator pump attached. Every radiator in our house has both a supply and return running to it.

Problem is the attic radiator never heats up. If I open the bleeder valve, I get water. If I leave it open long enough I get hot water. However, the water never circulates to the radiator.

Any ideas on how to fix?

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This is a completely separate zone? Is the appropriate circulator pump running?

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No, it is all the same zone. Do you think a separate zone is needed? Ideally, I'd like to get away without a second zone to avoid additional expense. I usually keep the water to attic radiator off and leave the door to the attic open - that keeps it warm up there. Only reason I want this radiator to work is that I'm selling the house and the next owner may not want to keep the attic door open...long story short, the radiator was there before we bought the house but I'm the first one to have the plumbing ran to the radiator.
If I did need to add a second zone would I need a new aquastat (currently have a Honeywell L8148J)? Assumming an additional circulator is also required. Trying to gauge costs...
Thanks for your help.

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