Looking for new washing machines

rogerv_gwJune 30, 2013

I have one of those Kenmore labeled front loader washing machines made by Frigidaire that I got back in 2001. It has about 12 years on it now, never thought it would make it that far. Having some problems with it now, making it last as long as possible, but am thinking of replacing it.

I'd be looking for a washing machine that's going to last (really like reliable appliances *smile*), and preferably get a front loader with a heater this time around. Of course I'm also looking for clean clothes, fast spin to get a lot of water out in the washer, and lowest level of vibration I can get. I know, the impossible dream.

Any recommendations that would fill these requirements (or come close)? Brands to stay away from? Best brands for reliability? Models that are are holding up well for you, and clean well?

Thanks very much!

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Seems to be too broad of a question. Let me ask if anyone has a front loader that they particularly like that's currently available, and what the brand and model is. That might be more answerable, and also very helpful to me.


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How about the LG WM3470HWA? I'm a little cautious about LG, but people seem to like it. Anyone here have one and like to comment on how it's working for them?

Any others?


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Since you know the machine that fits your request doesn't exist, "the impossible dream," it would help if you prioritized or weighted your requirements.

I know of one machine built to last 20 years with no computer boards, all metal transmission parts, and long warranty, but it doesn't meet any of your other requirements (except clean clothes).

Vibration control is only partly a function of the washer design. The floor plays just as much a role.

If a machine admitted tap hot water directly from your water heater without ATC mixing, would that preclude the need for a heater?

Since the machine you want doesn't exist, where are you willing to compromise first?

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Thanks, but compromising during research is not going to help me. No matter what I end up getting, there will be compromises and problems, but one should start out looking for what one wants up front, anyways.

For the general area of "reliability", no compromise, I want a reliable washing machine. A washing machine that's not working isn't useful. For cleanliness and gentleness, no compromise, it has to wash clothes, and not destroy them..

Vibration and noise? Some slack there, as long as it's reasonable, and doesn't damage itself.

So does that help you? What would help me is real experiences with the LG WM3470HWA, plus other recommendations to look at.


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Our son and his wife bought a LG WM3470 and matching dryer in early March 2013. So far they are happy with it, no complaints at all. It is upstairs, so has some vibrations, but every time I ask either, "how do you like it?" they say "fine." That's all I can share with you. They're not laundry geeks, like me.

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