uninstall as bad as instal !!!

TotsieOctober 13, 2012

Have posted many questions and problems here.. Thanks to everyone for some answer and suggestion.. Happy to report .. System and the contractor GONE...but system was never completely installed, tech never figured how to program infinity stat..so 30 + hours of install hours spent most vents constantly buzzing .. On, on...demanded a uninstall - but had to demand they leave after one came through ceiling ugh!!but wanted to share pics of the worst installs the contractor we hired to check out where we stood with the job (no $ interest ) strictly to evaluate .. So happy I have no ac no heat and a hole in my ceiling and the contractor out of my wallet and life...buyer beware is my lesson here...

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1 of the 3 new 14 inch returns installed was just stuck in the oversized hole in the new undersized ductboard plenum no tape-no mastic..2 of the supply return side same way... Ductwork folded and stuck inside each other (no collar or splitters or wye's ... taped so tight it was almost completely closed off the duct run.. ...the ptrap was installed twice but tech did not know for sure which was correct..so that's enough just a few things I will address Before I start with new contractor..things to look and get a clear understanding before work begins..wish me luck:)

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On my-the new installed dust work !!

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hard to tell what is going on with those pics.
they used spray foam to seal ducts in first pic?

what is going on now?

if you back up a bit when you take the pics
it will show more of what you are talking about.

best of luck.

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