Quietest washer dryers?

jaxoJune 23, 2013

I was considering a one of the newer Samsungs to replace my 7 year old LG set which has been unsatisfactorily loud since the laundry room is right next to a bedroom.
However, I was looking at the listed dimensions and noticed the Samsungs were about 34 inches deep and that will be oversized for the space I have.
My current LGs are listed as 29 3/4 deep and I don't have the space to go much deeper without blocking a door from opening.
So, now I'm looking at the new LG Turbowash models.
Are those quiet?
Are there other brands/models of 4.0 cf capacity or larger that are under 30 inches deep and very quiet?
I'm looking at front loaders.

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Here's some info from CR:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://news.consumerreports.org/home/2013/03/matching-washers-and-dryers-quiet-enough-for-the-main-floor.html

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I did take a look at that, but I'd like to hear from owners.
The CR review does not go into detail about what they consider good for noise on specific models. I don't know what they are measuring and the don't show any measurements.

The washer I have now is quiet enough when it is just tumbling the clothes during the wash cycle, but it is too loud at other stages.
Filling with water is loud.
Draining water is loud (drain pump is loud).
Spin cycle can be loud depending on how much vibration the load of clothes causes and there is some motor noise even when there isn't that much vibration.

Are there any that are quiet during all phases of the wash?
It will be a huge waste of money if I replace my current washer dryer set and some part of the cycle is still loud on the new set.

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I think I may have found something. I logged into the CR site and figured out that I could filter the ratings to only show the quietest models and it looks like the Kenmore Elite 41572 was the only one of all front loaders that was rated as Excellent for noise. All the others where "Very Good" or or below in noise. Unfortunately, I could not find anything that was rated excellent in both noise and vibration. This Kenmore is rated as "Very Good" for vibration.
Not sure why this machine was not shown in the other article on their site,
The measurements say it is 29.75 inches deep, so it will fit my size limits also.
Seems almost perfect.
The link to it is below.
Does anyone have any opinions on this washer?

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Kenmore Elite 41572

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The model below the one you've linked made it to the top of wdinfo.com's list, for what it's worth:


I know, noise levels are very hard to judge from YT videos, however, here's a fairly identical LG unit running through a full cycle. The background noise seems to be the dryer.


And another one:


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These Kenmores are made by LG, right?

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That's a different model. I was looking at 41572.
Is the only difference size or are there different features?

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I think it is made by LG, but I looked at the pedestals and they look a bit different from the ones from my current LG washer/dryer, so I won't be able to reuse them on the new set.
I suppose selling my old set with the pedestals included will make it easier to sell faster though.
I looked on the Sears outlet store website and found refurbished/returned pedestals that fit the 41572 for $99 a piece. So, if I decide to buy the new set, I may just run down to the Sears outlet store and pick up those pedestals and have the delivery people install the new washer dryer on the pre-purchased pedestals.

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Yes, these Kenmores are made by LG.

Using the Campare Now feature on sears.com. it seems the only difference besides capacity is that the higher model has two more cycles (Rugged, Small Load). Energy and water efficiency is also slightly different.

Your local Sears might have a set powered up. You could try the spin cycle and get a rough idea of how much noise the new ones make.

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I'll take a look at them at Sears.
The only feature that I see missing that would have been nice to have is a laundry detergent reservoir where you can just fill it in advance and it automatically adds detergent as needed during the next 30-40 loads based on weight and the cycle chosen.
It isn't a critical feature since I'm getting by fine without it now, but it would have been really nice to get that after spending the money on a new washer.

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Yes, that's a nice feature but only GE and Whirlpool have that.

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