Faron-40 below?

cyn427December 28, 2013

Whoa! Just saw pictures on the national news of your weather. Stay inside. Hope you have power. It looks pretty bad. I won't complain now when we get rain tonight! Let us know you are okay.

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Cyn- That's pretty sweet of you!

-40?!?!? Wow! That's "News" for ya!
Power is fine. Haven't heard of anybody in the dark in the region.

Got off work @ 6pm CST, temp @ -1. Didn't even zip my coat up!
Windy however...UFFDA yes!
NWS wind-speed here is N 30-45mph.
This creates the "dubious/dramatic-for-tv" Windchill-indices of down to -45.
"In-town" driving is fine here in F-M. HOWEVER...out of town...you're insane to go out! Visibilities are near-zero or ZERO.We're getting little-if-any new snow. What little new snow there is is getting blown into a whiteout.

Our ACTUAL TEMPS won't get any colder than -25F the next couple days overnight. National news shows usually "gloss-over" the "real" numbers, & are eager to show the "death-defying" windchill values!
(((( huge roll-eyes here!! ))))

Some parts of the country might think the world is ending with this weather...
We call it WINTER. No more...no less!


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Wow, Faron, wow. Keep warm! I grew up in Buffalo, but it never got that cold though we were buried in snow.

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(Our NWS link below...)

Our new 9pm CST NWS-temp is -7F.
Still windy with gusts to 40mph, placing the "wind-chill" (for what it's worth...) @ -36.

On our way down to -24F (actual temp!) by Sun. morning!
Man...this is jacket weather!


Here is a link that might be useful: Fargo NWS...

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Oh well, then, Faron, if it is only -7, must feel like spring! Haha. You are right, it was the wind chill they were stressing I guess. Still, it did not look very inviting. Of course, our cold, steady rain doesn't look so wonderful either,I guess. Glad you are taking it all in stride. I am not sure I could!

Happy new year!

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Hey! We're "up" to -10 now @ 10pm CST!! We may dip again to -16 by morning. Mondays high here may be -1 or even ZERO!

So far, Monday overnight may be -21!


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all I can say is BRRRRRRRRRRRR

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Annie Deighnaugh

All I know is we're supposed to be getting Faron-type temps here after our snowstorm tomorrow with temps down to -10 or lower and wind blowing at 40 mph.

When did we move to the Dakotas???

Whenever the weather turns severe, I think of a fellow I worked with who also owned a tree farm in Minnesota. He said he'd seen the thermometer go off the scale in both directions! I keep reminding myself that our weather is pretty white bread by comparison...

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"Faron-type temps" !!!

LOL-that's pretty good!

Typin' to y'all from a Marriot in Frisco/Dallas TX!!

I think it got to 50 here today...;-)


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Someone tell me why we have to go back to ND tomorrow???!

I DID enjoy the nice break from the snow & ice that's now even more plentiful in the central/eastern U.S. though!!

From Frisco/Dallas, TX-


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I thought the "F" in the temperature reading in winter meant degrees Faron! didn't everyone :)

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Hi Cooper & gang!

Whew!!!! Got back home today finally!

Yes...y'all (well...I WAS in Texas briefly...) are well aware I hope, that it does refer to:

"FARON-heit" ;-)


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