Setting up Infinity Thermostat

TotsieOctober 4, 2012

Tech returning to program "correctly" my newly installed stat since my new system has been installed. Please give me the steps he should check and go through to set proper system readings/settings..(this return visit is after I realized it was actually set up with the Quick Start mode..)thanks for any help..

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Let your dealer do the setup. Make sure that the Smart Recovery mode is ON particularly if you're using a heat pump.

Read the manual.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Infinity Thermostat

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Have him show you the equipment summary menu. This is shown as Figure 20 in the manual.

The time and date need to be set. I personally don't care for the smart recovery. I turned it off in my controllers. You can try it and see if you like it. The default is smart recovery is on.

I would also ask to check the static pressure in the high stage. Ideally it should be 0.5, but under 0.7 is acceptable. If you see readings greater than 0.8 then you should bring it to their attention.

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Just arrived to install new flue and heater58CVA090-16 -of course they are suppose to setup and program stat hopefully correctly ... Thanks Mike will check static pressure reading...I was told it was .78 but question that after realizing it was running the ac in 1 stage-I have 2stage-so don't know how correct that .78 reading is........the first night it was very hot and humidwhen the ac stated up one of the new return vents buzzed. Very loud not sure what that is about?.thanks for reading

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The static pressure reading has meaning for the high stage only. This is telling the air resistance of the filter and the duct work. It is going to be low when their is less air flow.

The Infinity furnace has a variable speed blower. Therefore it will increase the RPMs in order to achieve the air flow in order to compensate for the static pressure. The controller will display in air flow in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and the RPM of the motor.

It is a bad sign if you are getting a .78 reading in the low stage. A noisy return is a size of undersized duct work. The controller is a great instrument, it doesn't lie.

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Now 7 hours to install new flue to furnace ...But 2 techs today they have throw in the towel on setting up thermostst they have decided after the 7 hours of poking around with the stat... Can't get to go to 2 stage on heat or ac, now states it is because the first installers forgot to install interface module network, this is day 3 about 30 hours spent on install ... OMG!!! Does this sound possible... What about the missing module - sound right or what.. Don't know if I can put up with this guys anymore ... Any advice would be appreciated...

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If the furnace and HP or A/C unit are both Infinity, you should not need the NIM.
NIM is usually only required with an Infinity furnace or fan coil and a non-Infinity HP or A/C unit.


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Have you spoken to the owner of the company? Have you told him you don't want any more inexperienced techs coming to your house? What is their response?

This should have been a 1 to 1.5 day installation with a crew that knows what they are doing.

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Thanks Mike for following is my AHRI # 3636432...ptrap problems installed backwards-took 2 techs yesterday a good 5 hours to install flue pipe and another 2 more hours to figure out the Infinity stat needed to be NIM, but I believe this came from someone that was "helping them" over the phone..there has been 4 different techs giving advice to each other and still not correct plus 3 other installers helping doing something..we did have 3 new returns and 1 supply drop added..but now also concerned how they ran the new pieces of the gas line it is not secured to the floor and is very wobbly just kinda of hanging unsupported across a3 foot section before it is connected to the old gas line..these are the best techs according to salesperson..cant get anyone to return calls at the company..also sent him pics via email...have an option that they will take back and refund 100% if unhappy.(have not paid anything as yet)I believe we have been patient enough with their inability to get us going, plus not happy to be stuck (or would I ?) using them for warranty or service in the future..need to pull the plug??sorry so long..thanks

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Sorry to hear you are having so many problems. Here is my suggestion.

Document everything you don't like in an email or letter to the company. Tell them you will give them one more chance to fix everything to your satisfaction. If they fail, then you would like all the equipment removed.

I would go directly to their office and speak to the owner. Hand him the letter with the pictures.

Good luck.

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Thanks everyone for your time and suggestions....fingers crossed for better luck my way on this deal...but really where are the "Good" honest AC people..idk..Thanks again!

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