Anyone with different brands of washers and dryers?

lalitharJune 20, 2012

Does anyone have unmatched washer dryer pairs? I am leaning towards a 220 smaller European washer like Asko. The goal is to get whites white with hot wash(mostly cleaning cloths as we are trying to not use paper towels). But would really like a electric dryer with reversible drums. We wash sheets a lot here and I loathe tangled, wrinkled, balled up, wet in the middle sheets. So this may also be a larger capacity dryer. What are the cons of this set up. The laundry will be in a 36in deep closet with bifold louvre doors.


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What difference does the brand make? If two different brands meet your needs, then buy them.

I think the Asko you're thinking about requires a 240v circuit. Most laundry rooms don't have two 240v circuits, so you might want to think about the expense and trouble of adding that second circuit (assuming you want to use an electric dryer).

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Washers & dryers do not need to be matched for brand/model. The only concern is that the dryer of choice be of suitable capacity to handle a load from the washer of choice. For the past 4 years I've been running a Whirlpool Calypso and a Fisher & Paykel SmartLoad dryer as my daily-use machines. I do have the "matching" F&P washer and use it occasionally but it is not in my laundry room. I also have a Neptune TL washer and an older Kenmore toploader that are used occasionally. So that makes four washers and one dryer that I use, all different brands.

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Yeah, get what suits you. I have it the other way round: a Duet and a European-sized dryer. Would love to have gotten a bigger dryer but you almost can't get them over here. Even when I had a true Euro washer and a dryer to match the capacity, I felt that the dryer could have been bigger. Stuff the washer to the top? no problem! Load it all into the dyrer? Well, yes, it'll dry just fine but it w-r-i-n-k-l-e-s. Jeans without ironing? Never. Sheets and covers without pressing? Nope.

Loved the capacity of the large SpeedQueen dryer I had to use before I got my own dryer. Therefore, I'd say get a washer and dryer to fit your needs. From memory, Fisher&Paykel, Electrolux, Miele and some GE dryers reverse.


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try a few tennis balls individually wrapped in white socks, to reduce the "cigar" effect when drying sheets.

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I had a mismatched set for years. An LG FL with a 20 yr old Maytag washer. I have Asko washers and dryers currently. The only problem I have with the dryer is with some very high thread count king size sheets. If you have two 240 outlets and a way to modify the Asko washer plug I would go with the full size dryer. The Asko washer plugs into and pulls power from the dryer.

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I had a mismatched pair of old Maytag units. I much prefer matching units such as I have now--Samsung metallic gray/chrome 520 series. Even though they are "just" laundry equipment, there's no reason for them to look like crap, IMO. If one of them goes belly-up in a few years, I'll more than likely want to replace both units. For those on a budget, I know that's not always a choice. And in a few years, I might be on a restricted budget myself! :)

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My mother has a Maytag washer and a GE dryer. Big deal.

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I had a mismatch with my last set. It was a no frills dyer with the largest capacity that would fit in my space. I still miss that dryer. I currently have a Miele Euro sized 220 set that is stackable. The washer is awesome, but dryer is similar to what Alex has mentioned. If I fill the washer to capacity, the dryer is overloaded and I do have wrinkles. I have had to adjust the way I sort my laundry to overcome this. Extra wash loads for me, but cleaner, less wrinkled clothes and better fabric care.

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Ever since we have had a clothes dryer, our washer and dryer have been of different brands. The reason is simple: the number one criterion in our selection of a dryer is that it have a hamper door (hinge at the bottom, door drops down). I have stated in other threads the advantages of hamper doors and will not repeat them here. The most widely sold dryer with a hamper door is made by Whirlpool and is sold under the Whirlpool and Sears Kenmore brands (as well as some other brand names).

When we have purchased washing machines (infrequently: 1973, 1995, 2011), washing machine brands other than Whirlpool have had feature sets that appealed to us more than the Whirlpool washers that match the Whirlpool hamper door dryers. Function trumps style every time; we do not take our dinner guests on tours of our laundry room.

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This pic is from when my Neptune TL was in my laundry room with my F&P dryer. Look pretty bad, huh? They aren't even the same color, LOL. But, interestingly, my sheets and towels & socks & underwear & jeans & shirts & such didn't seem be bothered by the mismatch.

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Function trumps style every time; we do not take our dinner guests on tours of our laundry room.

Same here. I also really like dryers with hamper doors; I had a Kenmore like that for years. No idea who manufactured it.

Alas, that dryer finally died a natural death and the washer (not matching model, but also a Kenmore) also needed to be replaced.

The main features I looked for in a dryer were:

~ temperature sensors so that laundry would not overdry (prevents wrinkling)

~ capacity which matches or supersedes washer capacity

~ cycles which I needed for various types of laundry

The dryer I have now (Maytag Bravos) has all these features. The only thing it lacks is a hamper door. Though I would like to have one, I would not replace this dryer, as it dries so well without any wrinkling. It has features which former dryers haven't had, and they are a big help on laundry days.

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I could have written Herring Maven's post. I absolutely think dryers with hamper doors are the best design ever. We plan to put in an indoor laundry. I am still debating whether to the new dryer for the indoor area will be matched to the new washer or not. It's not an easy decision. I'd like to do a cabinet surround so I would have to adjust for the dryer controls being in the back as opposed to in the front with newer models.

Dryers outlast washers by decades. So I always buy white. No way am I going to replace a perfectly good working dryer every time the washer needs replacing.

The old unmatched set Front load washer on pedestal/hamper door dryer on floor will remain in the garage for washing things like rags,mop heads rugs, dog bedding etc.

If my laundry were in a closet it would be no brainer. Go for function.

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