I need your help! Please give me feedback on my kitchen plans.

fb1981January 18, 2013

Hey guys!
I'm planning on remodeling my eat-in kitchen in about 6 months, and I've been tinkering with plans. I would love your help and suggestions for making it better.

A few details:

- This is in a ~1100sqft apartment in San Francisco

- There is no dining room

- all the eating happens in the kitchen

- I like to have friends over for big meals, so the ability to host 8-10 people comfortably is important. This is why I went with a combination dinner table/island setup.

- I plan on putting planters with herbs and maybe a few vegetables on the roof outside the row of 4 windows.


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This is just after a quick glance but it looks like you have 5' of aisle between the table and counter. If so, I would expand the width of your table. Without measurements and so relying on spatial view it looks like the table is a little narrow. I would suggest a minimum width of 36" and 42" would be more comfortable for that many people.

People should have 24" clearance when at a table so your 8' table would sit 4 comfortably on each side, if you need space at the ends to seat more the table needs to be wider.

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Awesome, thanks for the input! That's very helpful.

As shown the table is 25" wide, which I agree is a bit narrow. I was thinking of going wider, but was concerned about leaving space for people to walk between the table and the counters when people are seated there. That being said, I think you're right that a wider table makes sense!

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I should also clarify that the 8-10 person dinners only happen about once a month, and that they're pretty casual. Most of the time it'll be 2-4 people eating at a time in the kitchen.

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I don't know where you'd put it, but having the dishwasher open in front of a door is not optimal. Then again, I understand very well that compromises must be made with these things and it looks like you'd be unloading it into the shelves above and behind it which looks neat and fast.

I agree that a slightly wider (like 3-4 inches) island/table would be handy and there seems to be plenty of room for it.

Cool space. Love the wall of windows.

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Did your plan change in some way from the last time you posted it? I remember your lovely looking space.

I think your table could be up to 18" wider.

In our last house the 10 ft table sat 30" from the window wall, and our family of 10 used it every night... with no problem getting around the back, as needed, with people in chairs. I wouldn't want that little room on the fridge side, because of more need for traffic space, but I think you could reduce to 36" on the window side, and 4 ft on the fridge side. Also, you could move it more toward the windows when you don't need as much seating.

Also, maybe a table that might fold narrower when not in use?

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Thanks! I like the idea of a table that folds down somehow - I'll have to dig into that. The suggestions on dimensions are much appreciated too - figuring out what the flow around either side of the island when people are sitting at it is one of my biggest concerns at this point.

The general space hasn't changed too much since last time, but the positioning of the appliances/counters has changed completely. The other big change is the island - previously I was thinking of a table pushed up against the windows.

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Here's the link to the previous round of plans if anyone's curious to see the evolution: old plans

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Did you change the size of your sink or did you leave it at 21" (I'm assuming as it's in a 24" cabinet and is it single bowl?). Seems like a decent size for an apartment.

I notice that you also got rid of your pantry. On the fridge end it looks you have added some shelving - is that deep enough to make it a 12-18" deep pantry with doors? Just a thought if you need some more storage but don;t want to lose that great run of counter to the left of the fridge.

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Yup, that's about right for the sink size - basically whatever the biggest sink I can fit in a 24" cabinet.

That's a good idea for the pantry! I've been debating whether I should put one in or not - it's always a tradeoff isn't it?

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You may want to put your table on wheels, easier to move closer to windows when not needed for the big crowd.

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Thanks! That's a good idea.

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Nicely done. Couple of questions/suggestions.

The sink/stove wall:
Are you right or left handed? Typically, if you are right handed, the DW would be right of the sink. That would free up the doorway and make it easier to (un)load. I'm not sure you will like having the shelf over the sink, at least not the lowest one.
I'm guessing that the reason the sink is not under the window is to preserve the counter length left of the stove, which is smart but I wonder if you switch the narrow base cabinet to the R of stove (so now there are 2), it would move the stove over L, giving you room to mimic the shelving R of the hood for oils n such. MIght be more functional.

Ref wall:
Love that expanse of counter but what is it for? Too far away for prep, so is it for buffet service? If so, then I would furr the base cabinets out 2 or 3" and that would get you a deeper countertop which might be more useful for small appliance, etc. plus service (you have the footage).
I'm torn with the Ref placement. Part of me gets why it's there - closer to the cooking action. But if you pushed it all the way over to the L, you'd get to use that counter for more food prep and guests in the adjacent room could help themselves to beverages w/out getting in the way.
Either way, I think you will get more function from the layout if you remove the bookcase and keep that space free (it's a little tight). You have room to place two bookshelves either on the inside of the entry (flanking passage way) or the short wall R of windows and on the opposite as well.

Look forward to seeing your next revision.

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The table looks tall. is it 36" high to match the counters? IMO, the standard height of 30" is much more comfortable for dining. If you have people over frequently I think it makes sense to have an actual table-thing rather than a counter-thing. if you plan to use the table for prep, consider sitting at it for tedious work and save the knifework for the taller counters.

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