Geothermal heat pump

leer123October 14, 2011

I am thinking of installing a geothermal heat pump. I have been told that because they are more efficient I dont have to have as large of unit. A standard load calc says I need a 3 1/2 ton ac unit and 75k btu out put furnace. I have been told I could get by with a 2 ton 26k BTU heat pump. I live in CT and it gets cold for week below 32 degrees. Anyu thoughts.

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Won't work. This is crazy talk.

If you need 75k you need 75k no matter where it comes from. Your 26k ground-source heat pump is not going to make 75k an you will be cold in the winter. OTOH, the load calc says that you need 3 1/2 tons cooling and the 2 ton is not going to make that either so you will be hot in the summer assuming someone competent did the load calculations.

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