what happened to the spin cycle?

kateskourosJune 10, 2012

i've been using my bosch vision 500 w/d stack set for a few months now and really love it. no problems. well, not really. today i threw my son's jacket in the wash (nothing else, just the jacket) and when the cycle was finished i went to toss it into the dryer but it was soaking wet. i wasn't in the house when the machine was on so i'm not entirely sure it went through a spin cycle or not. i put it through again but, same thing. i had to ring the coat out and hang it in the garage to dry out a bit before throwing it into the dryer.

the jacket while on the heavy side, is definitely not heavier than a standard full load. any idea why this would happen? the machine still functions well, as i did a couple of loads afterwards. just very curious.

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With just one item, the washer probably couldn't balance the load and never went into the spin cycle. Even if the item is not very heavy, it is still just one item so there isn't anything else to counterbalance it. Next time, wash another item or two with the jacket and see if that helps.

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I have the Bosch nexxt and so have the same problem if I want to wash one item.
I hate it that the machine does not have a spin only cycle
I end up having to throw in some clean hand towels to balance the load and then I usually run the shortest cycle on my machine which is refresh.

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