Furnace size and location

amyspaetzle262October 17, 2011

My conversion from all electric to gas continues.

Location: northeast Ohio, 1,700 sq feet and on a slab.

I'm looking at the Trane XV95 furnace and received two estimates over the weekend. Both companies estimated my heat loss at 55,000 btus. One said the 60,000 btu furnace was plenty big enough, the other said 80,000. Can I go wrong here?

Also, the closet where the new furnace will go is exactly 29.25 inches deep from the back wall to the closet bifold doors. As soon as a furnace guy sees this closet I've gotten various reactions from:

No problem, it will fit.

It will fit but I would have to line the backside of the closet doors with sheet metal.

No way, it won't fit.

From what I understand, the furnace is 28 inches deep. It has to be installed front to back. Sideways is not an option. Will a new furnace fit?

Your great advice and professional opinions are always appreciated.

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The measurements of both 60K and 80K mdls are the same.

40 x 17.5 x 28

I would think the 60K mdl would be fine as far as BTUs.

What do you do about filtering your return air?

What does dealer propose for venting to outside both for combustion air and waste gas?

What mdl evap coil has dealer proposed?

What does dealer propose as far as thermostat and outdoor sensor?


Here is a link that might be useful: Trane XV 95

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ductwork is in attic?

Furnace install will be vertical?


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The ductwork is all in the slab.

Here are the quote breakdowns:
Keeping Trane XL-14I 2.5 ton heat pump 4TWx4030A1000

Option 1:
Trane XV95, 60,000 BTUs
4TXCB031 coil
10 year parts, 1 year labor
Honeywell visualpro 8000 thermostat
Same company who installed present system that I'm not very happy with. But only Trane quote available.
$4,490 after $100 rebate

Option 2:
American Standard
Freedom 95 variable speed, two-stage furnace
80,000 BTUs
AMS4TXCB031 17.5 inch cased coil, 410A, 30MBTU
10 year parts, 1 year labor
American Standard digital thermostat duel fuel

Option 3:
Amana AMH95 variable speed, two-stage furnace
70,000 BTUs
CAPF3030A6 30 mbtu vertical amana coil
10 year parts, 10 year labor
American Standard digital thermostat duel fuel

Option 4:
Amana 70,000 BTUs, modulating furnace AMVM96
same coil as above
10 year parts, 10 year labor
American Standard digital thermostat duel fuel

Wasn't even considering Amana at first, but the price and warranty are very attractive.
I'm confident in the business and installers of options 2-4 but was hoping AmStd would have been less than the Trane option. Any opinions good or bad on the above quotes?

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Have you made a decision?

How will venting for high eff furnace be installed?

Ask Trane dealer for matching AHRi number. not certain that is the best choice for evap coil.

You will need an outdoor sensor for best DF operation. I suggest HW VP mdl #8321.

I would recommend a whole house air filter cabinet.


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What size is the existing unit?

Did it work adequately?

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Do you still get the electric discount? Are you keeping your existing heatpump? No mention if you were replacing your heatpump/ac or not.

Being in the same climate as you I can understand that having gas is a nice luxery but the heatpump is still useful for some of our weather.

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OP has existing XL14i Trane HP that will remain.

She is replacing existing air handler with a nat gas furnace.

I have suggested she stick with Trane so system will have matching components. Recommended the 60K XV 95 and best matching Trane evap coil.

She may need new stat and outdoor sensor.


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the txc031 coil is a good match. it was the most used coil for 2.5 tons to get the tax credit. as far as the furnace fitting I think you are a little tight. the installation instructions that come with the furnace have the minimum clearances from wall. I have a copy at the shop but if memory serves me it is at least 1" in the back and 1" in the front. you can line the back of the closet with sheet metal where I am from to allow it closer but you probably need to check your local codes.

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First, thank you all for your feedback.
txcb031 is the coil both Trane and Am Std quoted.
In the meantime, I got another Trane quote. Same equipment as above but with a Trane thermostat. I was really impressed by the company. Answered all my questions and was the first company to point out some installation issues with my present system. Didn't scratch his head like the first Trane guy who said he'd have to bring his boss back. He was confident the new furnace would with without any modifications. Just what I wanted to hear.

But, they are a month backed up on installations and want almost $1,000 more than the first Trane quote. It puts them above the Am Std quote by about $700, as well. I figured that. They are also more expensive on routine maintenance, service calls, etc. If he'll come down to under $5,000 I'll probably go with him. If not, it's Am Std.

Venting will be through the roof with some type of pvc kit. Two pipes merging into one once in the attic and straight up through the roof.

I have no exact info on the df remote thermostat other than it was included in each quote. I will pin them down on more specifics.

I currently get the electric discount but have been unhappy with my heat pump in terms of heat since day 1. I've spent way too much time and resources to be told that the 75 degree air coming out of the plenum is all that can be expected. Those were the words from the Trane regional rep. I just want to move on. It will be set up to still generate heat (and I use that term loosely) but mainly used for AC. Like a hybrid setup.
Thank you all for your feedback.

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Just so you know, 75 degrees is unacceptable. Usually this indicates leaks in ductwork system or an inaccurately charged system..

I know what I am talking about because I have the XL14i in a DF setup.

Charging heat pumps in fall/winter weather under 70 degrees can be
problematic. Dealer installer will need his charging charts and usually it is best to come back in late spring and recheck.

Are you doing anything about a whole house air filter cabinet? Can't recall.

You are going with 60 K XV95?


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Amy said:
"Venting will be through the roof with some type of pvc kit. Two pipes merging into one once in the attic and straight up through the roof. "

I always thought the gases from a 90%+ AFUE furnace were not hot enough to vent up through a roof stack. Is there a fan included in this PVC kit to pull the exhaust?

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the 2nd trane company is 1000 more than the 1st trane company and backed up a month on installs..... that should in my mind mean something. you get what you pay for most of the time. the most important part of a heating and cooling system is correct installation.

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Definitely settled on the 60 K XV95.
Everyone seems to think 60 k is plenty big but will struggle once below zero and we don't get many of those days.
Still waiting on a final, final quote from the second Trane company. Right out of the gate he said they would be more but the guy really knew his stuff. I attributed the higher cost to the fact it will take two days to do the gas line and install where as the other guys could do it all in one day.
I remember being told there is some kind of blower to vent the exhaust.
Heat pump has been charged three times...all during the summer months. Had no impact on the "heat" during winter. Had the return ductworks in the attic checked...nothing. It's a mystery and has cost a small fortune to troubleshoot and I've gotten nowhere. Just want to be warm this winter.

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