European 220 washers and electric dryers

lalitharJune 8, 2012

We were going to do the larger Mieles but now that is history, DH does not want to buy them even at a discount. I am seriously considering the smaller European washers and dryers like Asko or BOSCH. We have 220 in the laundry area. We have a lot of white cottons to brighten, and most clothing is cotton with occasional synthetics and delicates. Which brand and model should I check out? What about the dryers... Are the small electric dryers good. DH who does laundry really likes well dried clothes.

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Bosch Axxis Sanitary Temp is 161 degrees F

Asko Classic Sanitary Temp is 205 degrees F.

The rest is debateable. But above are facts.

So I would get the Asko.

And I am a fan of my Bosch Vision full size washer but changed my mind about the smaller washers when I saw that.

Good Luck.

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Thanks deeageaux. The 205 degrees wash is tempting. Looks like the Asko Model numbers are

Asko UltraCare Line Series W6884WECO -- 11 programs/ 1800 RPM spin/ doors are reversible/ 110v/ This costs $1799.

Asko UltraCare Line Series Classic W6424W - 9 programs/ no spin option/ 220 volts/ $1299

Both of these seem capable of 205 degree F wash. Any reason one is better than the other?

Any feedback on the quality of their dryers?

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I have Askos and love them. There are other models. has a lot of information. I went with the Askos because I wanted 220. Even with cold fill the heater can quickly heat to whatever temperature you choose. I also love the deep rinses. I like the double lint screen on the dryer. Other than that, it's just a dryer and works well.

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I have the Asko 6424 washer and 753 dryer and love them. I've only used two of the five dryer setting--auto normal and auto delicate. I prefer the delicate setting because it doesn't overdry but it does take a long time. The normal setting takes less time but sometimes items seem too dry. Your DH may like this setting if he likes well dried clothes. I've never had a reason to use the Auto Heavy setting, Iron Dry or Air Fluff. I tend to check the dryer before the cycle ends (this is just impatient me) and one quirk is that the timer always resets itself as if I've started a new cycle. Maybe the sensor doesn't work, but I haven't really felt the need to check into it. The only thing I don't like about the dryer is that sheets tend to ball up, so sometimes I'll dry the sheets one at a time with some smaller items. I love the washer and the ability to set custom temperature levels. As with all European washers, the cycles are long. A 205 degree wash will take almost 2.5 hours. I often use the quick cycle at 140 degrees. It's a 50 minute cycle, but I imagine it takes most of that time to reach 140 before the rinse begins. I personally wouldn't pay $500 more for the other model that you mentioned since I don't see the need for additional washer programs or dryer rpms.

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When I was researching compact machines it seemed fairly unanimous across various sources that compact dryers are, as a result of being smaller, never as good as their full sized counterparts. Personally I mostly disregarded dryer performance because getting the best of middling performers isn't something I would pay more for. My Samsung DV665JW (discontinued) cost $200 and it dries a load in about 60-70 minutes which, according to the link above, is on par with Asko and faster than Bosch (it works fine and given the price I'm satisfied). I tend to think you won't be impressed by any small dryer and should focus on washer performance (including spin speeds as these will improve the performance of the dryer).

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That is a good point about dryers. I do care a lot about dryer performance. I often wash long sheets etc.. And absolutely hate balled up sheets. In an earlier post I got some advice that miele's electric dryer is better about not tangling clothes and sheets. I guess I extrapolated that to mean all electric dryers. I really get exasperated if the dryer won't dry what the washer washed in 1 cycle.

Should I consider a larger dryer in a different brand?

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Living in Europe, I have one of these small - as you call them - Bosch dryers. Of course, they'll dry clothes just fine.

Both Bosch and Asko dryers, just like 99% of US dryers, don't reverse the drum direction, so some things will tangle. I have not had any problems with mixed items or loads of just towels. However, sheets (and a large couch cover [is that what you call it?]) gave me trouble. The cover was balled up by the end of the cycle but two sets of sheets managed to disentangle themselves during the drying cycle, yet ended up pretty creased. From my experience, one duvet cover and one pillow cover dry fine, two sets tangle up and three sets dry fine but wrinkle because of the drum size.

I uploaded videos of his onto my YouTube account for anyone interested in one of these dryers - Bosch, that is.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to part one and two of my Tangle Test videos

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How is the service for Asko? I am in the San Francisco area and one of the negative posts on AJmadison was for terrible service in SF bay area.


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Whirlpool trainee.. I just saw ll he videos.. Thank you so much for posting.

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Fagor, an appliance brand from Spain, offers a washer in the US market that works on 220V and is able to heat water to 195 degrees. They also offer a washer-drier combo that works with 220V as well. Unfortunately, the maximum drain height for both units is about 27.5 inches higher than the bottom of the machine , so even with the optional pedestal, it may not be enough to drain into some drain pipe inlets designed for a top loading washer.

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Didn't know that. I've seen the Fagor combo W/D and was impressed by its build quality and capacity (6kg; their 220v washer-only holds 7kg which I think makes it the largest capacity 220v washer sold in the US).

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Also comparing Asko 6884/t783 and Miele 3033/T8003wash/dryers. Replacing my brand new Axxis Bosch that came in the condo I just purchased because they are completely inadequate. The spin cycle on the main wash cycles do not remove enough of the water and we have to run the extra spin cycle on most loads (particularly towels, sheets and other bulky items). The dryer max temperature is so low that it takes over 1 hour to dry a set of King sheets and you have to stop and "break up" the ball every 20 minutes...

Have had Mieles before (novatronic) and loved them. So drawn to the Mieles but I am disenchanted with our local dealer and calls to Miele directly regarding information changes from the Novatronic to current models have been so frustrating that I am looking to the Asko.

But see in this post that Asko dryers will also "ball up" sheets - Miele's have reversing drum direction so I have never seen this....

Also, I do care about RPM, because I notice that Bosch is inadequate (although I think mine are only 1000 rpm). Asko model I am looking at will go to 1800... I am sure there will be no need for extra spin cycle.

Interested if you have made your purchase yet...

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The Fagor condenser dryer has a reversing drum.

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