If you love your 24-inch stackable W/D, please tell me about them

SusanCFJune 26, 2012

We have a very small closet, about 28" wide, in which we need to stack a 24" washer and a gas dryer. This will be a rental, so we want something very reliable and easy to use. Any recommendations? We originally had 27" units in there, but almost immediately realized the space was too cramped for them and now we are looking for a better solution.

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AjMadison has 30 dryers in 24 inch but they're all electric...

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I don't think I've seen a 24" gas dryer. I think that factor alone will limit your choices. Do you have a 240v outlet or a standard plug in your laundry area? Do you prefer a gas dryer?

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Whirlpool and GE both offer unitized 24-inch wide washer-dryers that use gas for the dryer. Reviews for both machines are readily available online from various sites.

Another option is to use a portable dryer that runs on 120V. Drying times will be longer, but if you have an outside vent it will still beat indoor rack drying.

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